Yours Fatefully   (Singaporean Drama)

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    • Title: 孤男寡女 / Gu Nan Gua Nu
    • English title: Yours Fatefully
    • Genre: Romance, comedy, melodrama
    • Episodes: 20
    • Broadcast network: MediaCorp Channel 8
    • Broadcast period: 2012-May-29 to 2012-Jun-25
    • Air time: Saturday & Sunday, 21:00
    • Opening theme song: 幸福记号 by Olivia Ong
    • Ending theme song: 厚脸皮 by Ella Chen


    Su Xiaoyi is a single professional photographer who lives with his sickly father afflicted with night blindness. As his siblings are married, the burden of taking care of his ailing father naturally falls on him. Song Xinxin is a single professional make-up artist who lives with her mother suffering from an anxiety disorder. As her siblings have settled down with their own families, she has no choice but to live with her mother. The burden of looking after her mother naturally falls on her. These two individuals lead a colourless life of drudgery and loneliness until they meet each other on an arranged marriage date. Unfortunately, a misunderstanding causes the meeting to end on a sour note. This is followed by several unpleasant encounters. It is not until frequent contact due to work that both realise it is possible to have a cordial relationship exchanging thoughts. Gradually, they learn to appreciate each other’s strengths, and love blossoms between them. What takes them by complete surprise is that Su Shuntian and Zhang Xiuying, after becoming friends at a senior citizens’ activity, provide each other with a listening ear and build up an interesting relationship. They look forward to meeting each other, keeping the relationship from their children but unaware that both are in-laws. Both Su Shuntian and Zhang Xiuying have the idea of spending their lives together. Not only can they look after each other but they will no longer be a burden to their children. As Su Shuntian and Zhang Xiuying are about to make the announcement, Su Xiaoyi and Song Xinxin arrange for the two elderly parents to live in their new place. What will be the reaction? Surprised, shocked, dumbfounded, helpless….? How will the four of them face this situation? Let Su Shuntian and Zhang Xiuying have their way, or Su Xiaoyi and Song Xinxin? Or simply defy convention to become one happy family?


    • Kingone Wang as Su Xiaoyi
    • Jesseca Liu as Song Xinxin
    • Eelyn Kok as Song Yiyi
    • Xiang Yun as Liu Xiuying
    • Chen Shucheng as Su Shuntian
    • May Phua as Su Xiaolian
    • Cavin Soh as Wu Zhenbang
    • Zzen Zhang as Hong Zhiguo
    • Sora Ma as Ruan Feng
    • Zhang Wei as Lin Rulong
    • George Young as James
    • Joey Feng as Lin Yanling
    • Silver Ang as Karen
    • Lin Ruping as Mingzhu
    • Benjamin Heng as Zheng Jianping

    Production Credits

    • Director: 林坤辉 (ep 1-8),林美娜 (ep 9-13),苏妙芳 (ep 14-20)
    • Writer: Ng Kah Huay (黄佳华)
    • Producer: Soh Bee Lian (苏美莲)

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