Where the Heart Is   (Singaporean Drama)

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    • Title: 大城情事 / Da Cheng Qing Shi
    • English title: Where the Heart Is
    • Genre: Family
    • Episodes: 30
    • Broadcast network: ntv7 / MediaCorp Channel 8
    • Broadcast period: 2008-Feb-11 to 2008-Mar-07 (ntv7), 2008-Sep-23 to 2008-Nov-03 (MediaCorp)
    • Air time: Weekdays 21:45-22:45 (ntv7), Monday to Friday 19:00 (MediaCorp)


    Hong Quan and Aunt Ping have three sons and two daughters. Hong Quan who suffers from heart disease, runs Ah Hong's Bakery. Aunt Ping, who helps out at the bakery, often pushes her husband to exercise and keep himself healthy so that he will not fall sick and become a burden to the family. Aunt Ping is a great wife who also cooks very well. She loves to whip up sumptuous meals for her children and grandchildren to come home to. Armed with a good sense of propriety, Aunt Ping is the pillar of the household and a strict mother as well. --mobtv.sg


    • Zhang Yaodong (张耀栋) as Hong Jia Kang
    • Priscelia Chan (曾诗梅) as Feng Yu Han
    • Stella Chung (钟晓玉) as Yao Shan Shan
    • Zzen Zhang (章缜翔) as Hong Jia Jun
    • Tiffany Leong (梁丽芳) as Wu Jin Hua
    • Huang Zhiqiang (张耀栋) as Hong Jiawen
    • Lin Wei Fen (林韦吩)
    • Tong Xin (童 欣) as Hong Shuxian
    • Yu Li Sha (余丽莎)
    • Jane Ng Meng Hui (黄明慧) as Hong Shuhui
    • Zhou Quan Xi (周全喜) as Hong Quan
    • Zhong Xiao Yu as Yao Shan Shan
    • Sheng Zhi Wei (盛志炜)
    • Wu Qiming (邬启明) as Liang Siyu
    • Yuan Mian Lun (袁绵伦)
    • Xie Wen Hui (谢雯惠)

    Production Credits

    • Screenwriter Hong Zhi Chuan (洪志川)


    • Mandarin drama series co-produced by Media Prima and MediaCorp.
    • It was telecasted on Malaysia's NTV7 channel and later on Singapore's MediaCorp Channel 8.
    • This drama is actually a remake of the 2000 TCS drama My Home Affairs (家事).

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