The Little Nyonya   (Singaporean Drama)

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    • Title: 小娘惹 / Xiao Niang Re
    • English title The Little Nyonya
    • Genre: Human drama, romance
    • Episodes: 34
    • Broadcast network: MediaCorp Channel 8
    • Broadcast period: 2008-Nov-25 to 2009-Jan-05
    • Air time: Weekdays 21:00-22:00 (Monday episodes will air at 20:00-22:00 from 2008-Dec-15-Dec until 2009-Jan-05)
    • Theme song: Ru Yan (如燕) by Olivia Ong
    • Insert songs:
      • Bao Wen (保温) by Bevlyn Khoo
      • Xu Yao (需要) by JS


    The story begins from the 1930s, spanning over 70 years till modern day.

    Ju Xiang is born into a big Peranakan family where her mum is a mistress. During the World War, Ju Xiang is tortured and both she and her husband die, leaving behind their 8-year-old daughter Yue Niang. After the war, Yue Niang's maternal relatives who ran away to England to seek refuge during wartime return home. Yue Niang then leads the life of her mother – always discriminated, beaten up and tortured. Yue Niang is then sold to a butcher, Liu Yi Dao. However, Yue Niang's strong personality impresses Liu Yi Dao and they become sworn siblings instead. Yue Niang decides to choose her own path in life. She begins learning how to run a business and she manages to overcome the odds and save her declining family business. Sadly, her love life has yet to begin a new chapter with no news about her lover, Chen Xi. -- MediaCorp


    • Jeanette Aw as Huang Ju Xiang / Yue Niang
    • Dai Yang Tian as Yamamoto Yousuke
    • Qi Yu Wu as Chen Xi
    • Joanne Peh as Huang Yu Zhu
    • Eelyn Kok as Huang Zhen Zhu
    • Apple Hong as Huang Mei Yu
    • Cynthia Koh as Xiu Juan
    • Lin Mei Jiao as Gui Hua
    • Yao Wen Long as Liu Yi Dao
    • Pierre Png as Chen Sheng
    • Xiang Yun as Tian Lan / Old Yue Niang
    • Li Yin Zhu as Chen Lao Tai
    • Darren Lim as Huang Jin Cheng
    • Andie Chen as Huang Tian Bao
    • Ng Hui as Ah Tao
    • Pan Ling Ling as Xiu Feng
    • Desmond Sim as Charlie Zhang
    • Zzen as Robert Zhang
    • Felicia Chin as An Qi
    • Nat Ho as Li Xiu Wen
    • Pamelyn Chee as Libby
    • Jeszlene Zhou as Jin Hua
    • Bobby Tonelli as Paul

    Production Credits

    • Executive producer : Chia Men Yiang
    • Story planner: Ang Eng Tee


    • Star Awards 2009: Best Drama
    • Star Awards 2009: Best Actress (Joanne Peh)
    • Star Awards 2009: Best Supporting Actress (Xiang Yun) and (Ng Hui)


    • This series was originally 30 episodes, but was extended to 34 episodes to tell a more complete story.
    • This series was the first 21:00 series to air at 20:00 with two back-to-back episodes for its Monday episodes from 2008-Dec-15 to 2009-Jan-05.
    • This series was the blockbuster drama celebrating MediaCorp TV Channel 8's 45th anniversary.

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