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    • Title: 일요베스트 / Ilyobeseuteu
    • English title: Sunday Best
    • Broadcast network: KBS2
    • Broadcast period: 1997-Nov-30 to 2000-Apr-29
    • Air time: Sunday 22:00
    • Related TV Shows: Drama Game (1984-1997), Drama City (2000-2008), Drama Special (2010-present)


    Shown weekly, Sunday Best is a collection of usually single episode short dramas. Each episode is a different story, and the cast and creators change every week.

    In 1984, KBS introduced the genre of single episode drama through Drama Game for the first time in Korea. As the successor of Drama Game, every week Sunday Best will present a creative, experimental show to meet the various tastes of the viewers.[1]

    Episodes Listing

    Sunday Best 1997

    Air Date Episode Title Main Cast
    1997-Nov-30 Siblings
    Yoon Yoo Sun, Kim Kyu Chul
    1997-Dec-07 Ohn Dal's Dream
    온달의 꿈
    Kim Il Woo, Kim Na Woon
    1997-Dec-14 Parallels
    Kang In Ki, Jang Jin Young
    1997-Dec-21 The Elderly and The Truck
    노인과 트럭
    Min Ji Hwan (민지환), Tae Min Young

    Sunday Best 1998

    Air Date Episode Title Main Cast
    포도나무 아래서
    Kim Jung Nan, Kang Min Kyung, Jun Woon

    Sunday Best 1999

    Air Date Episode Title Main Cast
    1999-Jan-17 Commander Eun Bi
    Lee Chang Hoon, Lee Young Ae, Hong Il Kwon, Lee Han Wie
    그녀, 그를 만나다
    Kim Sang Joong, Park Joo Mi, Yoo Joon Sang
    1999-Feb-21 Happy Birthday
    Park Yong Ha, Kang Sung Yun, Sun Woo Jae Duk
    풍차 둘, 소라하나
    Jo Min Ki, Park Yong Woo, Park Sun Young
    2000년 4월 봄봄봄
    Lee Bo Hee, Lee In Chul (이인철)
    1999-Jul-04 Sally is Back
    세리가 돌아왔다
    Lee Byung Hun, Lee Seo Yun‎
    1999-Jul-11 Black Coffee and Lollipops
    블랙커피와 막대사탕
    1999-Jul-18 Toll Gate
    1999-Aug-01 Man, Woman, and Wife
    남자,여자 그리고 아내
    1999-Aug-22 31-year-old's First Kiss
    서른 한살의 첫키스
    1999-Nov-14 Paper Flower
    1999-Dec-05 A Dangerous Lullaby
    위험한 자장가
    Lee Se Young
    1999-Dec-12 Beautiful Gift
    아름다운 선물

    Sunday Best 2000

    Air Date Episode Title Main Cast
    2000-Jan-09 Memory
    2000-Jan-16 Millenium Fanfare
    밀레니엄 팡파레
    2000-Jan-23 Grandma's Flower is Blooming
    할미꽃이 피었습니다
    2000-Jan-30 Mother's Love Letter
    어머님의 러브레터
    2000-Feb-06 The Most Perfect Love
    지극히 완벽한 사랑
    2000-Feb-13 Silence of the Sea
    바다의 침묵
    2000-Feb-20 My Longtime Lover
    나의 오래된 연인
    그가 간이역에 내렸다
    Yang Dong Geun
    2000-Mar-12 Urban Bus
    도시형 버스
    2000-Mar-19 Crush Club
    짝사랑 클럽
    2000-Mar-26 At the End of the World
    세상 끝에서 만나다
    2000-Apr-09 Merry-Go Round
    메리고 라운드
    2000-Apr-16 Cute Miss Divorcee
    귀여운 이혼녀
    2000-Apr-23 One Room
    원 룸
    2000-Apr-30 The History of My Little Love
    나의 사소한 연애의 역사

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