Rhythm of Life   (Singaporean Drama)

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    • Title: 变奏曲 / Bian Zou Qu
    • English title: Rhythm of Life
    • Genre: Drama
    • Episodes: 20
    • Broadcast network: MediaCorp
    • Broadcast period: 2008-May-05 to 2008-May-30
    • Air time: Weekdays 21:00-22:00
    • Opening theme song: Kongque by Wu Jiahui


    Jun Jie's father hit his mother and she left both her husband and Jun Jie. Life for the young Jun Jie would have been even more lonesome had he not known Zhi Yuan, Zhi Ling and Tiao Bao. One day on a hill, Jun Jie, Zhi Yuan and Tian Bao shared about their ambition and dreams for the future. Being high in spirits, they swore to be sworn brothers and to share fortune and woes together. Unfortunately, the road ahead would not be as smooth sailing as they imagined. (MediaCorp Channel 8)


    • Christopher Lee as Li Jun Jie
    • Elvin Ng as Liu Zhi Yuan
    • Jesseca Liu as Liu Zhi Ling
    • Jeanette Aw as Chen Xiao Rou
    • Zzen Chang (章缜翔) as Wang Tian Bao
    • Dawn Yeoh as Wang Fei Fei
    • Julian Hee (许立桦) as Zhang Nan / Zhang Lang
    • Hong Guo Rui (洪国锐) as Li Gang
    • Li Yin Zhu (李茵珠) as Ming Zhu (grandmother)
    • Lin Mei Jiao (林梅娇) as Zhu Li Li / Wang Shi Mu (Tian Bao's mother)
    • Hong Pei Xing (洪培兴) as Tian Bao's father

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