My Girlfriend's Boyfriend   (Chinese Drama)

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    • Title: 我女朋友的男朋友 / Wo Nv Peng You De Nan Peng You
    • English title: My Girlfriend's Boyfriend
    • Also known as: 一个宅男的无逻辑日常 / Yi Ge zhai Nan De Wu Luo Ji Ri Chang
    • Genre: Scifi comedy
    • Episodes: Season One - 16 / Season Two - 15
    • Broadcast network: QQ
    • Broadcast period: Season One 2017-May-25 / Season Two 2017-Aug-07


    In a drunken haze, the manga/cosplay loving, AI engineering student, A Zhai, purchased a love android from a questionable store, allegedly from the future to save nerds from a loveless life. When he woke up the next morning, he tried to return his "male" android purchase. Failing that, he insisted on exchanging for a female one. After much haggling and threats, he ended up keeping his male android, Adam, and getting a refurbished female love android, Eve, who incorrectly registered Adam as her boyfriend instead of him. His attempt to hack her system and change her boyfriend setting inadvertently activated her dormant personality matrix leading to a hilarious love triangle between the nerd and his two robot roommates.


    • Bai Shu as A Zhai
    • Cai Wen Jing as Eve / Pei Ni
    • Li Chuan as Adam
    • Yu Pei Pei (于蓓蓓) as Meng Shan
    • Liang Hao (梁浩) as Wang Fu Gui
    • Deng Ke (邓科) as Mu Mu
    • Chen Jin Yun (陈锦昀) as Su Zi Xuan
    • Liang Jie (梁洁) as Na Na
    • Zhang Li Wei as Da Xian Sheng

    Production Credits

    • Producer: Zhang Na 张娜, Fang Fang Fang 方仿妨
    • Director: Deng Ke 邓科
    • Screenwriter: Nan Zhen 南镇, Lu Yu Long 陆驭龙

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