Midnight Sunlight   (Chinese Drama)

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    • Title: 午夜阳光 / Wu Ye Yang Guang
    • English title: Midnight Sunlight
    • Genre: Drama, romance
    • Episodes: 21
    • Broadcast year: 2005
    • Opening theme song: Ai Dao Yong Yuan (爱到永远) Love Until Forever by Xie Yu Xin (谢雨欣)
    • Ending theme song: Ai Hai Zai (爱还在) Love is Still Here by Luo Shan Shan and Hua Shao Yi (华少翌)


    After the death of her father, Qing You left Yunnan to live with her uncle Xia Ying Tai's family in Shanghai. Her sudden appearance causes friction in the family, as her aunt and cousin Shan Shan resent her presence, while her cousin Ji Dong does his best to look after her. At her new school, Qing You develops a relationship with her classmate Yu You He. During a teacher's conference, Xia Ying Tai is shocked to see that You He's mother is an old girlfriend of his from 16 years ago and realizes that You He is actually his son. From there, the curtains open on this tragicomedy...


    Production Credits

    • Screenwriter: Cao Rong Rong (曹茸茸)
    • Chief producers: Qu Guang Hui (曲光辉), Zhao Zhi Jiang (赵智江)
    • Executive producers: Jiang Xiao Mei (蒋晓梅), Huang Ya Gu (黄雅谷)
    • Producer: Liu Yan Ming (刘燕铭), Liu Shu (刘书), Li Yao (李瑶), Zhang Xiao Guang (张晓光)
    • Director: Zhang Xiao Guang (张晓光)
    • Music: Du Yong (杜咏)

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