Memory Lost   (Chinese Drama)

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    • Title: 美人为馅 / Mei Ren Wei Xian
    • English title: Memory Lost
    • Genre: Crime, police, romance
    • Episodes: 3 seasons, 12 episodes each season
    • Broadcast network: iQIYi
    • Broadcast period: 2016-Oct-24


    A woman lost her identity and her memory after getting kidnapped by a criminal organization. Her boyfriend was injured in the same incident and forgot her face, yet he never stopped looking for her. Many years later, a string of criminal activities reunited them. Although they were now strangers, their complementary skill sets made them formidable partners within a police task force called Black Shield. As they grew closer, her past came back to haunt them.


    Black Shield
    • Yang Rong as Bi Jin Xi / Su Mian
    • Bai Yu as Han Chen
    • He Feng Tian (何奉天) as Zhou Xiao Zhuan
    • Wang Yu as Shi Heng
    • Nan Fu Long (南伏龙) as Chi Chen
    Group 7
    • Li Geng (李庚) as Xu Si Bai (S)
    • Zhang Yi Jie as Xia Jun Ai (A)
    • Sun Xiao Xiao as Xin Jia (E)
    • Qi Ji as Xu Na Bo (K)
    • Mi Re as Xie Lu (T)
    • Chu Jun Chen (初俊辰) as Ji Zi Chang (L)
    • Tian Mu Chen as Luo Bin (R)
    • Zhao Yi Qin (赵奕钦) as Mu Fang Cheng (M)
    • Tom Price as Qin Wen Long
    • Ren Jia Lun as Zhang Mu Han
    • Gao Yu Er (高雨儿) as Yue Luo Xia
    • Chen Shang Ze (陈尚泽) as
    • Zhao Shun Ran (赵顺然) as Xiao Yao
    • Hai Ling (海铃) as Ma Xiao Fei
    • Chen Meng Qin (陈梦秦) as Ji Ya Xin
    • Chen Hao Yu (陈昊宇) as Zhao Man Man

    Production Credits

    • Original writing (novel): Mei Ren Wei Xian (美人为馅) by Ding Mo 丁墨
    • Producer: Dai Ying 戴莹, Yu Zheng
    • Director: Li Da Chao 李达超, Liang Xin Quan 梁辛全
    • Screenwriter: Yu Zheng

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