Love of Seven Fairy Maidens   (Chinese Drama)

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    • Title: Tian Di Yin Yuan Qi Xian Nu
    • Also known as: Love of Seven Fairy Maidens / 天地姻缘七仙女
    • Genre: Romance, fantasy, Comedy
    • Episodes: 50
    • Broadcast network: Anhui TV Channel
    • Broadcast year: February 23, 2011 - March 12 2011
    • Related TV series: Huan Tian Xi Di Qi Xian Nu
    • Opening Theme Song: "Fairy" (仙女/ Xian Nu) by Wu Qiong (吴琼)


    "Love of Seven Fairy Maidens" is originated from the beautiful myths and legends in ancient times, which create a fantastic and romantic love story for each fairy maiden. The Heaven and the Earth were in a great turmoil due to a Dragon Ball, while the seven daughters of the Jade Emperor and the Jade Empress descended to earth due to different reasons. The eldest fairy descended to seek for her loved husband Gui Xing who had been sent away by herself; the second eldest fairy was persuaded by Chang E, the moon lady and fell into the earth for Shangguan Zilan, whom she fell in love with at the first sight; the third eldest fairy unintentionally fell in love with Wang Jin, a sergeant of the government and was reluctant to depart; the forth eldest fairy went to look for her loved jade marten originally but fell in love with the lonely Prince of the former dynasty; the fifth eldest fairy went to seek for the descended Snow Kylin kid just for a promise; the sixth eldest fairy who was by nature fearful and timid, mustered the courage to look for her sisters but finally fell in love with Fire Dragon God who fought against the Heaven; the youngest fairy still led a romantic life with her lover Dong Yong in the human world…" Credits:

    This is sort of a remake of Huan Tian Xi Di Qi Xian Nu, but judging by the love story of Dong Yong and 7th fairy in this version, this might be a spin-off of that series.


    • Leni Lan as Eldest Fairy
    • Zhou Yang as Second Fairy
    • Liu Zihuan as Third Fairy
    • Zhang Li as Fourth Fairy
    • Liu Yang as Fifth Fairy
    • Yang Lei as Sixth Fairy
    • Bai Yu as Seventh Fairy
    • Wan Mei Xi as Heavenly Matriarch (Queen Mother of the West)
    • Zhao Hong Fei as Shen Rui (Fire Dragon God)
    • Zheng Xiao Dong as Dong Yong
    • Yu Na as Golden Scorpion (Scorpion Demon)
    • Benny Chan as Mei Ruoying
    • Li Jie as Shangguan Zilan
    • Xu Wenguang Daode Tianzun
    • Bryan Leung as Great White Golden Star
    • Li Weimin as Li Jing
    • Lu Jiejun as Erlang Shen
    • Gu Nongse as Chang'e
    • Gao Xiaopan as Yama
    • Zhang Yanmin as Guanyin
    • Geng Sheng Kai as Kui Xing
    • Li Yi Xiao as Little Dragon
    • Leng Zhong Yi as Wine Fairy
    • Zhou Dehua as Canopy Marshal
    • Zhang Ye as Ghost / Food God
    • Zhang Na as Spider Demon
    • Li Qi as Black Mountain Old Demon
    • Wei Ming as
    • Qi Dui as
    • Wu Qing Zhe as
    • Hong Lian Cheng as
    • Sang Wei Lin as

    Productions Credits

    • Screenwriter: Li Meng
    • Producer: Zhang Xian (张同宪)
    • Director: Huo Yaoliang

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