Love in the Wind   (Taiwanese Drama)

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    • Title: 你是春風我是雨 (你是春风我是雨) / Ni Shih Chun Feng Wo Shih Yu (Ni Shi Chun Feng Wo Shi Yu)
    • English title: Love in the Wind
    • Genre: Romance
    • Episodes: 10
    • Broadcast network: PTS / GTV
    • Broadcast period: 2012-Jun-09 to 2012-Aug-11
    • Air time: Saturday 21:00 - 23:00
    • Opening theme song: Cha Yi Bu (差一步) by Della Ding
    • Ending theme song: Yong Gan De Ling Hun (勇敢的靈魂) by Victor Wong


    A recent music school graduate applied for a teaching position in a remote village to subsidize her goal of studying abroad. During her time there, she discovered her love for teaching and love for two men: a free-spirited artist and a former plastic surgeon.


    • Jian Man Shu as Tang Jing Qian 唐璟芊 (Wind)
    • Leroy Young as Xie Li Da 謝里達 (Rain)
    • Figaro Ceng as Gao Mu Xi 高沐熙 (Sun)
    • Kelly Chien as Molly 莫麗
    • Lin Zong Ren (林宗仁/茂伯) as Gao De Xian 高得賢
    • Xiang Yu Jie as Lai Yong Ling 賴永玲
    • Tsai Chen Nan as Chen Pin Tian 陳品添
    • Ying Wei Min as Mu Tan 木炭
    • Xi Man Ning as Ru Yan 如妍
    • Ke Yi Zheng (柯一正) as Gao Zhi Hui 高志輝
    • Ying Cai Ling (應采靈) as Mrs. Tang
    • Bi Xiao Hai (畢曉海) as Xiao Mi Feng 小蜜蜂
    • Wang Juan as Dai Bi 黛比
    • Tang Guo Zhong (唐國忠) as Mo Ke 莫克
    • Bai Ming Hua (白明華) as A Man Po 阿滿婆
    • Xiao Call (小Call) as Jing Zi 靜子
    • Chen Zhu Sheng (陳竹昇) as Teacher Ding 丁老師
    • Xing Ya Se (幸雅瑟) as Ku Ma 庫瑪
    • Li Wei Yu (李韋羽) as Lei Pang 雷胖
    • Dai Zhi Hua (戴自華) as Aunt 小阿姨
    • Chen Xi Sheng (陳希聖) as Professor Ye 葉教授
    • Guan Jin Zong (管謹宗) as Mr. Mo
    • A Bu Tian (阿布田) as Mr. Ku
    • Luo Bei An as Mr. Zhou

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