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    • Title: 爱情回来了 / Ai Qing Hui Lai Le
    • Genre: Modern drama, romance
    • Episodes: 41
    • Broadcast network: Anhui TV, HLJTV, SXBC, Guangdong TV
    • Broadcast period: 2014-Jul-21 to 2014-??-??
    • Air time: Monday to Sunday 19:30 (Mon to Fri 3 episodes a day, Sat to Sun 2 episodes a day)
    • Opening theme song: Ai Qing Hui Lai Le (爱情回来了) Love Is Back by Cao Xuan Bin (曹轩宾)
    • Insert songs:
      • Zen Yang Shuo Qing Ci Ke De Xin Qing (怎样说清此刻的心情) by BY2
      • Ru Guo Shi Jian Neng Hui Yin (如果时间有回音) If The Time Can Reply by Shen Yi Sha (沈依莎)
    • Related show: Xia Jia San Qian Jin, Ai Qing Zhen Shan Mei


    A story about new era of men and women, fear of marriage, late marriage, and late childbirth problems.


    Main cast
    • Wu Jian Fei as Qi Wei 齐威
    • Liu Xiao Hu as Jiang Yu Fan 姜宇凡
    • Liu Zhi Yang (刘智扬) as Dou Zi 豆子
    • Dong Yu Feng (董玉峰) as Gu Chi 古池
    • Wang Rui Zi (王瑞子) as Na Mei 那美
    • Qi Zhen Chen (齐真晨) as Ai Ai 艾艾
    • Zhang Jia You (张嘉佑) as Shu Yong Zhi 舒永志
    • Tanny Tien as Ming Cai Feng 明彩凤 (Ming Liang's mother)
    • Yue Yue Li as Bao De Hua 包德华 (Nian Nian's father)
    • Jia Ni as Zhu Man Yi 朱满意 (Nian Nian's mother)
    • Huang Bai Lu (黄白露) as Yu Xiao Lan 于小兰 (Xiao Nuo's elder sister)
    • Zhong Chu Xi (钟楚曦) as Du Jia Jia 杜佳佳
    • Wang Xi Wei (王希维) as Fiona
    • Wang Dong as Huo Li Gang
    • Huang Meng Ying as Ms. Ni

    Production Credits

    • Producer: Liu Xiao Feng (刘晓鹏)
    • Director: Jiang Jia Jun (蒋家骏)
    • Assistant director: Li Bin Bin (李彬彬)
    • Screenwriter: Caffeine (咖啡因)


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