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    • Title: 愛似百匯 (爱似百汇) / Ai Si Pai Hui (Ai Si Bai Hui)
    • English title: Love Buffet
    • Genre: Romance, comedy
    • Episodes: 13
    • Broadcast network: FTV / GTV
    • Broadcast period: 2010-Dec-19 to 2011-Mar-13
    • Air time: Sundays 22:00
    • Opening theme song: Shou Hu Xing (守護星) by Fahrenheit
    • Ending theme song: Wu Hui (誤會) by Fahrenheit


    Xiao Feng is a lively girl, who loves to work with kids, she also is starting her first year of college. When the arrival Yi Cheng and Da Ye, her new neighbors; who also attend the same college that she does. she has to figure out a way that she can survive at school, knowing the two hottest, richest guys are sharing a house with her. Yi Cheng is a quiet, handsome guy, who can't get over his past romance, Da Ye on the other hand, who is cute, charming and very sweet, doesn't know the meaning of love, he is quite a playboy. But when Xiao Feng falls in love with Da Ye, He can only say he doesn't know what a real relationship is. Heart Broken, she finds herself being comforted by his cousin Yi Cheng, falling for him now, she is once again broken hearted, and crawls back to Da Ye. Will Xiao Feng find the perfect guy, will she be able to survive the pressures at school, and home? Find Out On Love Buffet!


    • Yu Hong Yuan as Hu Xiao Feng 胡小風
    • Aaron Yan as Xing Yi Cheng 邢一誠
    • Calvin Chen as Xing Da Ye 邢大業
    • Chen De Xiu as A Ji 阿基
    • Chloe Wang as Teng Qiu Ying 藤秋櫻
    • Wei Wei (幃幃) as Xiao Sen 小森
    • Wang Yi Wen as Da Lin 大林
    • Lotus Wang as Jiang Cai Juan 江彩娟
    • Bu Xue Liang as Hu Wan Jun 胡萬峻
    • Liang You Lin as Hu Lan Die 胡蘭蝶
    • Patty Hou as Yi Zhi Hui 伊織惠
    • Billie as Rose
    • Wang Xia (王俠) as Jack
    • Frances Wu (吳兆絃) as Xing Gu Du 邢古都
    • Jane Wang as Zhuang Ya Han 莊雅涵
    • Amber An as Yi Jing 宜靜
    • Xiao Ai (蕭艾) as Yi Cheng's boss
    • Bernice Tsai as female diner #1 (ep1)
    • Benji as male diner #1 (ep1)
    • Emily Tsai as female diner #2 (ep1)
    • Luo Hong Zheng as male diner #2 (ep1)
    • Rui Rui (蕊蕊) as female diner #3 (ep1)
    • Lin Bo Yan as male diner #3 (ep1)
    • Pets Tseng as crying upperclassman (ep1)
    • Xiao Hou as the guy Qiu Ying rejected (ep3)
    • Honduras as masseur (ep4)
    • Carolyn Chen as female diner #1 (ep5)
    • Zuo Yong Ning (左永寧) as female diner #2 (ep5)
    • GIGI Lin (林如琦) as female diner #3 (ep5)
    • Li Ming Yi (李明依) as Li Dong 李董 (ep8)
    • Deng Hua Dun (鄧樺敦) as A Ji's band mate
    • Li Ming Han (李明翰) as A Ji's band mate

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