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    • Title: 愛 (Ài)
    • English title: Love
    • Genre: Human drama
    • Episodes: 386
    • Broadcast network: FTV
    • Broadcast period: 2006-Nov-29 to 2008-May-21
    • Air time: Mondays to Fridays 20:00 - 22:10


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    • Chiang Ming Chieh (張銘杰) as Luo Shih-hung
    • Meifen Chen (陳美鳳) as Lin Chun-hua
    • Yeh Huan (葉歡) as Lin Pei-hua
    • Huang Ying Hsun (黃膺勳) as Chou Shih-hao
    • Daisy Fong (方馨) as Lin Shu-hua
    • Sung I Min (宋逸民) as Luo An-ping
    • June Tsai (六月) as Luo An-an
    • Lung Shao Hua (龍劭華) as Wang Chin-lung
    • Lee Cheng Ying (李政穎) as Wang Wen-chiang
    • Wu Yan Hsieh (吳彥頡) as young Wang Wen-chiang
    • Tsui Hao Jan (崔浩然) as Sung Chen-chang
    • Kelly Liao (廖家儀) as Sung I-hsin
    • Jimmy Ni (倪齊民) as Kuo Tsung-min
    • Fu Zi Chun (傅子純) as Sung Hung-yuan
    • Ye Jia Yu (葉家妤) as Sung I-ting
    • Liu Xiu Wen (劉秀雯) as Hung Chang Hsiu-ying
    • Qiu Yi Ting (邱于庭) as Fang Hui-hsin
    • Huang Ying Hsun (黃膺勳) as Hung Chih-chung
    • Teresa Te (德馨) as Lai Chia-ling
    • Ping Chia Chi (兵家綺) as He Hsiao-li
    • Chen Yu Feng (陳宇風)/Chen Teng Lung (陳騰龍) as Hung Chien-chung
    • Jiang Zu Ping as Hsieh Ming-ming
    • Jason Wang as Fang Shih-hsien
    • Liao Pai Hsiang (廖柏翔) as Hung Ming-chang

    Production Credits

    • Producer: Kuo Hung Liang 郭宏亮, Lin Hui Chun 林慧俊
    • Screenwriter: Lin Ling Ling 林齡齡

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