Lotus Lantern (2000)   (Chinese Drama)

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    • Title: 天地传说之宝莲灯 / Tian Di Chuan Shuo Zhi Bao Lian Deng
    • Also known as: Lotus Lantern / Legend of Heaven & Earth - Polien
    • Genre: Fantasy
    • Episodes: 20
    • Broadcast year: 2000
    • Opening theme song: Bu Xi De Deng (不熄的灯) Inextinguishable Light by Jimmy Lin
    • Related TV series: See Lotus Lantern


    Ever since his birth, Chen Xiang never met his mother. His father was a drunk and gambler who refused to tell him anything about her. Until he found out himself via a mysterious Lotus Lantern. As it turns out, his mother was a goddess who fell in love with his scholarly mortal father. When the heaven discovered their relationship, she was punished by being imprisoned under a mountain for eternity. Chen Xiang set out on a journey to rescue his mother.


    • Jimmy Lin as Chen Xiang 沉香
    • Yu Li (于莉) as San Liang 三娘
    • Roger Kwok as Liu Yan Chang 刘彦昌
    • Shen Ao Jun as Ta Xue 踏雪
    • Elvis Tsui as Tian 田
    • He Jia Wen (何嘉文) as Tian Rui 田蕊
    • Chen Ming Zhen (陳明真) as Piao Piao 飘飘
    • Dai Chun Rong as Heavenly Matriarch 王母娘娘
    • Lou Xue Xian (楼学贤) as Er Lang Shen 二郎神
    • Wang Hai Lun (王海轮) as Bat demon 蝙蝠妖

    Production Credits

    • Screenwriter: Qiu Ting (秋婷)
    • Producer: Lee Kwok Lap, Xia Yu Shun (夏玉顺)
    • Director: Wei Han Dao (卫翰韬), Zheng Ji Cheng (郑基成), Huang Wei Ming (黄伟明)

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