Liao Zhai Qi Nu Zi   (Chinese Drama)

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    • Title: 聊齋奇女子/ 聊斋奇女子 / Liao Zhai Qi Nü Zi
    • English title: The Fairies Of Liaozhai
    • Genre: Supernatural
    • Episodes: 40
    • Broadcast network: 四川公共频道
    • Broadcast period: 2007-Jul-26
    • Air time: 20:00
    • Theme song: Yue Gao Gao (月高高) by Yin Guo Xiong Di 因果兄弟
    • Related TV shows: See Liao Zhai


    Liao Zhai Zhi Yi, or Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio, is a collection of nearly five hundred mostly supernatural tales published during the early Qing Dynasty. In Liao Zhai Qi Nü Zi four stories are selected, telling the stories about some beautiful unique women's life.

    Lian Cheng 连城

    Lian Cheng

    Within the town, there were two rival families. Their daughters, Lian Cheng and Bin Niang, took the rivalry to the next level when they fell in love with the same man, Qiao Sheng. They fought to the death for him. And in death, they kept fighting. However, through him, they learned that love was not only about possession and were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for each other.


    • Nicky Wu as Qiao Sheng 乔生
    • Fann Wong as Lian Cheng 连城
    • Qu Ying as Bin Niang 宾娘
    • Miao Hai Zhong as Wang Hua Cheng 王化成
    • He Gui Lin (何贵林) as Shi Tai Shou 史太守
    • Guo Qi Ming (过齐鸣) as Shi Xiao Lian 史孝廉

    Xin Shi Si Niang 辛十四娘

    Xin Shi Si Niang

    Xin Shi Si Niang was a beautiful fox demon whose happiness lied in helping others. She lived with her father and eighteen sisters inside an abandoned temple in the woods. Her only goal was to achieve spiritual enlightenment and rid herself of the normal fate of fox demons. However, a fateful encounter with Feng Sheng changed her life.


    Huan Niang 宦娘

    Huan Niang

    When the upper class lady, Zhao Huan Niang, and the talented stage actor, Wen Ru Chun, fell in love, they believed the only way to be together was to commit suicide together. Yet only Huan Niang died. She returned in ghostly form to find out the reason.


    Xia Nu

    Xia Nü 侠女

    Not wanting her daughter to learn martial art, Xu Mu E often dresses herself as a boy and secretly learns martial art. Under one of her adventures she get hurt and meets Gu Xiang Ru, a young doctor. Slowly she starts having feelings for him, but Xiang Ru only has the eyes for Lin Yue Fu, the governor's sick daughter.


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