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    • Title: 聊斋3 / Liao Zhai 3
    • Genre: Supernatural
    • Episodes: 36
    • Broadcast network: Movie East Channel / CTV
    • Broadcast period: 2010-Jul-13 to 2010-Aug-18
    • Air time: Weekdays 20:00-22:00
    • Opening theme song: Yan Zhi Lei (胭脂泪) by Luo Yong Juan (罗永娟)
    • Related TV shows: See Liao Zhai


    Liao Zhai Zhi Yi, or Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio, is a collection of nearly five hundred mostly supernatural tales published during the early Qing Dynasty. Six stories are selected in this 36 episode series.

    Hua Bi 畫壁

    Two friends were seduced by demons and became trapped inside the world of wall painting. When they were given the chance to escape, they hesitated.


    • Roy Qiu as Meng Long Tan 孟龍潭
    • Zhang Pei Ran (張沛然) as Zhu Xiao Lian 朱孝廉
    • Gong Mi as Meng Fan 夢凡
    • Ben Ng as Qing Shui Ju Shi 清水居士
    • Wang Yuan (汪芫) Meng Su Niang 孟素娘
    • Zheng Yi Tong (鄭亦桐) as Meng Yan 夢艷
    • Wang Yan Su as Shen Yue Jiao 沈月嬌

    Gongsun Jiu Niang 公孫九娘

    Hu Xiao Tian and his underlings kill all the residents of Gongsun manor. As ghosts, Gongsun Jiu Niang and her "brother" (shige) seek revenge on Hu for what he did. Meanwhile, Du Huai Sheng was supposed to marry Gongsun Jiu Niang and doesn't know that she is back in her hometown as a ghost...


    • Akina Hong as Gongsun Jiu Niang 公孫九娘
    • Tony Sun as Du Huai Sheng 杜懷生
    • Doris Lai as Hu Cai Ning 胡采靈
    • Zhang Dong Sheng (張東升) as Hu Xiao Tian 胡嘯天
    • Du Yu Ming as Ling Yang Zi 凌陽子
    • Zhang Jin (張進) as Zhu Kang 朱康

    Mei Nu 梅女

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    Jiang Cheng 江城

    Jiang Cheng and Gao Fan should have had a blissful married life if Jiang Cheng hadn't been possessed by a snake demon. Gao Fan must find a way to dispel the demon before his increasingly violent wife kills him.


    • Jia Qing (賈青) as Jiang Cheng 江城
    • Lee Wei as Gao Fan 高蕃 / Lin Feng 林峰
    • Victor Chen (陳司翰) as Wang Zi Ya 王子雅
    • Wang Gang as Priest Nie
    • Zhang Bo Jun as Gao's father

    Geng Niang 庚娘

    The story starts off with Wang Shi Jiu chasing Geng Niang, trying to kill her for killing his brother Wang Shi Ba. Inside Geng Niang is a dragon lady who shows Wang Shi Jiu Geng Niang's three miserable lives. In all three, she and her husband are separated by death. After Geng Niang avenges her husband's death by killing Wang Shi Ba, she changes the course of many people's lives for the better. She allows God to sacrifice her own life for the happiness of others.


    • Cheung Sai as Geng Niang 庚娘
    • Huang Yu Rong as Jin Da Yong 金大用
    • Berg Ng as Wang Shi Ba 王十八
    • Sun Jia (孫嘉) as Xiao Niang 肖娘
    • Du Jun Ze as Wang Shi Jiu 王十九 (Shang Zheng 尚正)

    Bai Qiu Lian 白秋練

    While escaping an arranged marriage to the dragon prince, Bai Qiu Lian, a fish spirit, falls for mortal Mu Chan Gong though he only has eyes for his lost love, Xiao Mei. Qiu Lian's younger sister Qiu Ju, clashes with Zhen Jun, a priest who mistakes the pair of sisters to be evil spirits. Eventually, Zheng Jun and Qiu Ju elope. Once Mu Chan Gong and Bai Qiu Lian get together, there is one problem: Mu doesn't know that Bai isn't human. How will he react when he finds out?


    • Fiona Sit as Bai Qiu Lian 白秋練
    • Jin Jia as Mu Chan Gong 慕蟾宮
    • Mao Lin (毛林) as Bai Qiu Ju 白秋菊
    • Wang Xiang Hong (王翔宏) as Zhen Jun 真君
    • Zhang Ming Ming as Crown Prince Long

    Production Credits

    • Original writing: Pu Songling
    • Producer: Qiu Li Xin 裘立新, Feng Jian 冯建, Huo Shu Li 翟树理
    • Director: Huang Zu Quan 黄祖权, Jin Ao Xun 金鳌勋, Huang Wei Ming 黄伟明

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