Legendary Fighter - Yang's Heroine   (Hong Kong Drama)

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    • Title: 楊門女將 - 女兒當自強 (杨门女将 - 女儿当自强) / Yang Men Nu Jiang - Nu Er Dang Zi Qiang
    • English title: Legendary Fighter - Yang's Heroine
    • Genre: Wuxia
    • Episodes: 40
    • Broadcast network: TTV (co-production)
    • Broadcast year: 2001
    • Ending theme song: Chun Zhen (純真) by Mayday (五月天)
    • Related TV series: See Yang Warriors


    The men in the Yang family have died for their country. Now, the women in the Yang family would carry on this duty of defending the country.


    The Women

    • Cheng Pei Pei as She Tai Jun (She Sai Hua) 佘太君(佘賽花)
    • Carman Lee as Yang Ba Mei 楊八妹
    • Teresa Lee as Yang Pei Feng 楊排風
    • Ning Jing as Mu Gui Ying 穆桂英
    • Eileen Tung (童愛玲) as Princess Chai 柴郡主
    • Sun Li as Du Jin Er 杜金娥
    • Wang Yu Wen (王渝文) as Lou 羅氏女
    • Cai Jing (蔡晶) as Yang Da Niang 楊大娘
    • Wei Yi Na (魏依娜) as Yang Er Niang 楊二娘
    • Jin Jing (金晶) as Yang San Niang 楊三娘
    • Song Yi Mi (宋怡霏) as Yang Wu Niang 楊五娘

    The Men

    Extended Cast

    Production Credits

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