Legend of Star Apple   (Taiwanese Drama)

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    • Title: 星蘋果樂園 (星苹果乐园) / Hsing Ping Kuo Le Yüan (Xing Ping Guo Le Yuan)
    • English title: Legend of Star Apple
    • Genre: Romance, comedy
    • Episodes: 30
    • Release date: 2006-Oct-16
    • Broadcast network: CTV
    • Broadcast period: 2006
    • Opening theme song: Nao Nao (鬧鬧) by Achel Chang & Sweety
    • Ending theme song: Yu Ji Kai Shi Le (雨季開始了) by Achel Chang


    15 years ago, a young boy is drowning in the farm. Fortunately, he is rescued by a little girl. The two children pray under the Star Apple tree together to wish for happiness for each other throughout their love lives and to meet each other again after a period of 15 years.

    15 years have passed. To prove his capability, Tao Si 陶斯 (Ming Dao), son of the Tao Enterprise, proposes to his father to manage the farm where the Star Apple tree resides. At the same time, he also wishes to use this opportunity to avoid his fixed marriage with Meng Xin 孟欣 (Yang Ya Zhu). Fate brings him to encounter Cao Ke Rui 曹可瑞 (Achel Chang), the young lady whom he met under the Star Apple tree 15 years ago. When Tao Si eventually finds out that she is the one whom he made the promise with 15 years ago, he confesses his feelings for her, not expecting that she has fallen for Lu Tian Qi 陸天齊 (Li Yang), an orphan who grew up on the farm with her, and unexpectedly, Meng Xin's ex-boyfriend. How will these 4 people overcome the obstacles and realise that deep down, their love is not the least like what they'd thought of?


    • Ming Dao as Tao Si (陶斯)
    • Achel Chang as Cao Ke Rui (曹可瑞) / Rui Rui
    • Li Yang as Lu Tian Qi (陸天齊)
    • Yang Ya Zhu as Meng Xin (孟欣)
    • Yan Xing Shu as Lu Tian Hao (陸天浩)
    • Doris Lai as Chen Li Sha / Sha Sha (陳麗莎)
    • Evonne Hsu as Xu Hui Xin
    • Hu Heng as Wang Li Ye
    • Wang Zhong Ping as Cao Da Qin
    • Yu Hao Ran as Li Yue Bai
    • Ai Wei as Tao Jing
    • Chen Ruo Ping as Xin Pin Hua
    • Zhang Li Ren as Tony
    • Chen Bai Lun as Bai Lun
    • Maggie Wu as Xiao Xin
    • Chen Wei Ru as Xiao Hui
    • Liu Yan Hua as Xiao Yu
    • Huang Wei Xiang as Wei Xiang
    • Ishii Mika (石井美佳) as childhood Rui Rui
    • Xu Qiong Yun (許瓊云) as childhood Meng Xin

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