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    • Title: 勞動之王 / Lao Dong Zhi Wang
    • Also known as: King of Labor
    • Genre: Human, office worker
    • Episodes: 20
    • Broadcast network: Hakka TV
    • Broadcast period: 2017-Mar-27 to 2017-Apr-27
    • Air time: Monday to Thursday 20:00-20:55
    • Opening theme song: Da Feng (大風) Big Wind by Misa (溫尹嫦)
    • Ending theme song: Xi O (係喔) by i Color (愛客樂)
    • Insert songs:
      • Meng Xiang Tian Tang (夢想天堂) Heaven Dream by i Color (愛客樂)
      • Yi Jing Nen Ye Ai (已經恁夜欸) by Huang Wei Jie (黃瑋傑)
      • Lao Xia Wu (老下午) Old Afternoon by Misa (溫尹嫦)


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    • Tender Huang as He Ying Tai 何英泰
    • Ariel Ann as Wang Yi Chen 王怡晨
    • Gu Bin (古斌) as Xiao Li Xiang 蕭力翔
    • Deng Jiu Yun (鄧九雲) as Zhang Yu Tong 張雨桐
    • Luo Si Qi (羅思琦) as Li Wei Sheng 李威聖
    • Christine Chang as Hong Shu Mei 洪淑美
    • Li Zhi Yuan (李至元) as Zhou Bai Cheng 周柏成
    • Tu Tai Feng (涂台鳳) as Ye Feng Jiao 葉鳳嬌 (Ying Tai's grandmother)
    • Tong Yi Jun (童毅軍) as Yi Chen's father 王爸
    • Chen Qiong Mei (陳瓊美) as Yi Chen's mother 王媽
    • Zhu Jun Xian (朱俊憲) as Wang Yi He 王怡和 (Yi Chen's younger brother)
    • Shi Da Ling (施達伶) as Xie Ya Ling 謝雅玲
    • Fan Jiang Tai Ji (范姜泰基) as leader 組長
    • Gail Lin as chief of promotion 販促課長
    • Xie Qi Wen as Xiao Zhang 小張
    • Tang Chuan (唐川) as Li Xiang's father

    Production Credits

    • Production Company: Deepwaters Digital Support Inc. (大川大立數位影音公司)
    • Producer: Yang Hong Zhi (楊鴻志), Luo Zhi Yu (羅智育)
    • Director: Zhang Zhe Shu (張哲書)
    • Screenwriter: Wen Yu Fang (溫郁芳), Cai Yi Cheng (蔡沂澄), Ke Yan Xin (柯雁心)

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