Kai Feng Qi Tan   (Chinese Drama)

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    • Title: 开封奇谈 / Kai Feng Qi Tan
    • Also known as: The case file of Kai Feng
    • Genre: Comedy, period, detective
    • Episodes: 25
    • Broadcast network: QQ
    • Broadcast period: 2017-Oct-30


    Bao Zheng never wanted to be the magistrate of Kai Feng, yet here he was, a young, inexperience, and not entirely reliable government official, trying to clear the innocent and punish the evil doer. Case by case, he and his quirky subordinates get better at their jobs and become more passionate for what they do.


    Kai Feng
    • Li Chuan as Bao Zheng
    • Ian Yi as Zhan Zhao
    • Chu Jun Chen (初俊辰) as Gongsun Ce
    • Li Guan Ming (李冠明) as Zhang Long
    • Jiang Shan (姜山) as Zhao Hu
    • Yan Hao (闫浩) as Wang Chao
    • Xie Zhao Yu (解朝煜) as Ma Han
    • Fu Long Fei (符龙飞) as Pang Ji
    • Huang Hsin Hao (黃新皓) as Bai Yu Tang
    • Zhang He (章贺) as Lord of Xiangyang
    • Lu Qiu Hong (卢秋宏) as Su Jing Er
    • Wang Wen Wen (王雯雯) as Bai Ju Hua
    • Liu Na Ping (刘娜萍) as Empress
    • Gao Guang Ze (高广泽) as Emperor
    • Lu Xu (芦旭) as Xiao Pan Zi
    • Jiang Zhong Wei (蒋中) as Qin Lang
    • Li Huo Huo (李火火) as Jiang Ping

    Production Credits

    • Original writing (manga): Kai Feng Qi Tan (开封奇谈) by Xiao Chen Shou 晓晨兽
    • Producer:
    • Director: Sun Kai Kai 孙恺凯, Zhang Ming Guo 张明国
    • Screenwriter:

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