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    • Title: 只為你停留 / Zhi Wei Ni Ting Liu
    • English title: Just For You
    • Genre: Romance
    • Episodes: 63
    • Broadcast network: SETTV
    • Broadcast period: 2017-Mar-07 to 2017-Jun-01
    • Air time: Weekdays 20:00


    Their father's suicide changed the trajectory of two brothers' path in life. To support the family, the elder brother gave up his athletic dream to pursue a career as a handyman. He never looked back on his choice as he finds joy in helping others. The only thing missing in his life is the love of a good, strong-willed woman. The younger brother, on the other hand, closed off his heart to everyone, including his family, to pursue a career as a lawyer and has garnered a reputation of winning lawsuits at all costs. While they are nothing alike and seem to live in different worlds, they both want to find someone they can love and be loved in return.


    • Patrick Lee as Qiao Kai Teng 喬楷騰
    • Esther Huang as Su Liang Yun 蘇亮云
    • Jolin Chien as Qiao Xi Ming 喬襲明
    • Vera Yen (嚴正嵐) as Xu Bao Qi 徐寶麒 / Xu Dai Qi 徐黛麒
    • Yang Zhen as Meng Guo Zhu 孟國柱
    • Ba Yu as Ava
    • Zhang Luo Ti (張洛偍) as Song Hui Qiao 宋會樵
    • Lu Xue Feng (呂雪鳳) as Liu Deng Mei 劉燈妹
    • Shen Meng Sheng as Qiao Hong Hui 喬宏暉
    • Melanie Li as Gong Ruo An 龔若安
    • Yan Yi Ping (顏怡平) as Shen Jia En 沈佳恩
    • Yang Li Yin as Ou Pei Jie 歐佩潔
    • Yin Zhao De (尹昭德) as Xu Yan Ting 徐彥廷
    • Huang Bo Feng (黃柏峰) as Hei Xiong
    • Liu Ji Fan (劉紀範) as Amanda 戴曼亞
    • Wu Ji Xuan (吳季璇) as Chi Yi Xiu 池憶秀
    • Wang Jia Liang as Li Shuo 李碩

    Production Credits

    • Producer: Xu Zhi Yi (徐志怡)
    • Director:
    Jiang Bing Chen (姜秉辰), Zhang Geng Wen (張耕聞), Lin Shu Hong (林書宏) ep 1-15
    Jiang Bing Chen (姜秉辰), Wu Meng En (吳蒙恩) ep 16-19
    Wu Meng En (吳蒙恩) ep 20-43
    Lian Chun Li (連春立) ep 44-63
    • Screenwriter: Lian Kai Hong (連凱鴻) all episode, Wang Hui Fen (王慧芬) ep 36-63

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