Jiang Shan Feng Yu Qing   (Chinese Drama)

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    • Title: 江山风雨情 / Jiang Shan Feng Yu Qing
    • Also known as: Love Against Kingship
    • Genre: Historical drama
    • Episodes: 45
    • Broadcast year: 2005
    • Opening theme song: Ping An Meng by Han Lei
    • Ending theme song: Bian Shui Liu by Han Lei and Liu Jin (刘金)


    This drama depicts the ruling life of Chong Zhen, the last emperor of the Ming dynasty. He succeeded his deceased, uninterested-in-governmental-affairs brother Tian Qi to the throne with the help of the eunuch Wang Cheng En. He had the wicked eunuch Wei Zhong Xian eliminated and did his best to revive the fading dynasty, but to no avail, as inside the palace the corrupt officials were busy plotting against each other while outside, Li Zi Cheng led the people in revolting against the government. In the meantime, Huang Tai Ji of the Qing dynasty took advantage of the situation and had his Manchurian army intensify their attacks on the empire's northern frontiers only to be kept back by Yuan Chong Huan, a capable Ming general who was later framed and executed. Yuan was succeeded by a newly promoted young general named Wu San Gui. Wu San Gui's beautiful wife Chen Yuan Yuan, a palace singer and performer, was held hostage in the Forbidden City to ensure that her husband would not betray the Ming empire. But will this strategy work?



    Production Credits

    • Original writing: Novel Jiang Shan Feng Yu Qing by Zhu Su Jin
    • Screenwriter: Zhu Su Jin
    • Producer: Li Kang Sheng (李康生), Luo Shan (罗山), Yang Bu Ting (杨步亭)
    • Director: Chen Jia Lin

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