Jia You Si Qian Jin   (Taiwanese Drama)

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    • Title: 家有四千金 / Chia You Shieh Chien Chin (Jia You Shi Qian Jin)
    • Also known as: 4 Daughters
    • Genre: Family
    • Broadcast network: TTV
    • Broadcast period: 2010-Nov-01
    • Air time: Monday to Thursday 20:00 to 22:00


    Wu Si Ji has four daughters. None of them are married. Much to his disappointment. The eldest has a boyfriend who cheats constantly. The second one puts guys' failings under magnifying glass and thus none are satisfactory. The third one cares only about guys' money, therefore she loves no one. The youngest is an ugly duckling, so she has no pursuer whosoever. Wu devises a plan to get them all married.


    Wu Family
    • Huang Zhong Kun (黃仲崑) as Wu Si Ji 吳四季
    • Aya Liu (阿雅) as Wu Chun Tian 吳春天
    • Liao Zi Qing (廖姿晴) as chilhood Chun Tian
    • Wu Ya Ruo (吳亞鄀) as childhood Xia Tian
    • Lin Yu Ci (林育慈) as child hood Qiu Tian
    • Yuan Li San (袁儷珊) as Wu Dong Tian 吳冬天
    • Lin Yu Ru (林育如) as childhood Dong Tian
    • Lai Zheng Ting (賴政廷) as childhood Da Jing
    • Da Ye (大野) as Pang Xiao Yu 龐小魚
    • Chen Bo Zheng as Ah Ru Mi 阿路米
    • Vicky Chen as Li Bao Lian 李寶蓮
    • Stephanie Chang as Li Xiao Jun 李曉君
    • Ai Wei as Chen Yu Xun 陳語訓
    • Liao Bo Xiang (廖柏翔) as Xiao Bao 小寶
    • Zhou Ding (周鼎) as Hao Ou 海鷗
    • Li Fang Wen (李芳雯) as Flower 余枝花

    Production Credits

    • Producer: Zhu Yong Kun 朱永崑
    • Director: Ouyang Sheng 歐陽昇
    • Screenwriter: Zhu Yong Kun 朱永崑

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