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    • Title: 我的自由年代 / Wo Men Zi You Nien Tai (Wo Men Zi You Nian Dai)
    • English title: In A Good Way
    • Genre: Romance
    • Episodes: 26
    • Broadcast network: SETTV
    • Broadcast period: 2013-Nov-15 to 2014-May-16
    • Air time: Fridays 22:00


    In the summer of 1995, childhood friends Zheng Ren Wei and Lin Jia En took their college entrance exam. Zheng got into a college in Taipei and was ready to start an exciting life in the big city. Lin, unfortunately, failed the test and was stuck in the countryside. Bored out of her mind, Lin decided to go find Zheng and spend her 4th year of high school in Taipei as well.


    • Lego Li as Liu Shan Feng 劉杉峰
    • Kirsten Ren as Lin Jia En 林嘉恩
    • Jay Shih as Zheng Ren Wei 鄭人維
    • Smile Weng (翁滋蔓) as Bai Xue Fen 白雪芬
    • Steven Sun as Xie Qing You 謝慶祐
    • Yao Chun Yao (姚淳耀) as Liao Ri Qi 廖日祁
    • Lu Zhen Xi (陸侲曦) as Wang Jian Guo 王建國
    • Zhang Shan Wei (張善為) as Zhan Zi Xi 詹字璽
    • Apple Lin as Cui Xin Qi 崔心琪
    • Chen Zhi Qiang (陳志強) as Chang Fei 常飛
    • Xie Li Jin (謝麗金) as A Jin Jie 阿金姐
    • Ma Wei Xin (馬維欣) as You Li Jun 游麗君
    • Wu Jia Shan (吳佳珊) as Xue Qiu Yan 薛秋燕
    • Yang Lie (楊烈) as Zheng Da Wei 鄭大巍
    • Huang Zhen Ni (黃甄妮) as Ding Xiao Wei 丁小薇
    • Shu Xue Xian (樓學賢) as Liu Song Heng 劉松衡
    • Doris Kuang as He Bi Wen 何碧玟
    • Liao Jun (廖峻) as Lin Zhao Fu 林招富
    • Ma Shi Li (馬世莉) as Ma Li 馬麗
    • Jet Chao as Swimming captain
    • Luo Xuan Ming as Zheng's imaginary son
    • Renzo Liu as Xie Bo hui 謝柏輝
    • Akio Chen as Li Lai 李來

    Production Credits

    • Producer:
    • Director:
    • Screenwriter:
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    • 49th Golden Bell Awards: Best Marketing Program

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    Sources: Dorama Info / Carat Media Weekly

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