Hui Jia   (Chinese Drama)

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    • Title: 回家 / Hui Jia
    • Also known as: 彼岸1945 (Bi An 1945) / 太平轮1949 (Tai Ping Lun 1949) / Home
    • Genre: Historical, war
    • Episodes: 34
    • Broadcast network: ZJSTV / PTS
    • Broadcast period: 2012-Nov-08 to 2012-Nov-22 / 2012-Nov-20 to 2013-Jan-03
    • Air time: Monday to Thursday 19:56, Friday 20:00 / Monday to Friday 21:00
    • Opening theme songs:
      • Xiang Yi Ge Ren 想一个人 Miss Someone (Instrumental) (mainland China)
      • Hui Bu Qu De Shi Guang 回不去的時光 by Harlem Yu
    • Ending theme songs:
      • Xiang Yi Ge Ren 想一个人 Miss Someone by Zhang Jing (张京) (mainland China)
      • Zhi You Yue Liang Quan Kan Jian 只有月亮全看見 by Lego Li
    • Insert songs:
      • Tiao Wu Shi Dai 跳舞時代 Dance Generation by Huang Fei
      • Yue Ye Chou 月夜愁 Moonlight Worry by Huang Yi Ling
      • He Re Jun Zai Lai 何日君再來 by Claire Kuo


    Vic Zhou plays a Taiwanese medic in World War II who was deployed to China as a Japanese military doctor. He endured much internal turmoil as his allegiance was split between his Japanese ruler and his Chinese ancestry. At the end of the war, a Chinese general saved him from being executed with the rest of Japanese soldiers. Ever since his rescue, he had been searching for a way to get back home. Back to Taiwan.


    • Vic Zhou as Su Tai Ying 苏台英
    • Wang Xue Qi (王学圻) as Jiang Jing Xing 蒋景星
    • Janine Chang as Xue Zi 雪子
    • Yan Na (阎娜) as Jiang Wen 蒋雯
    • Lego Li as Su Tai Jie 苏台杰

    Production Credits

    • Producer: Liu Wei Ci 刘玮慈, Chen Qi Ming 陈启铭, Chen Hong Yuan 陈鸿元
    • Director: Meng Ji, Li Zi Ping 林子平
    • Screenwriter: Huang Shi Ming 黄世鸣, Liu Wei Ci 刘玮慈, Zeng Xian Zhang 曾显章, Liu Rui Xuan 刘蕊瑄

    Production Credits

    • 2013 48th Golden Bell Awards Award: Best Television Series
    • 2013 48th Golden Bell Awards Award: Best Leading Actor in a Television Series (Vic Zhou)
    • 2013 48th Golden Bell Awards Award: Best Supporting Actor in a Television Series (Li Li Ren)

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