Housewives' Holiday   (Singaporean Drama)

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    • Title: 煮妇的假期 / Zhu Fu De Jia Qi
    • English title: Housewives' Holiday
    • Genre: Drama
    • Episodes: 20
    • Broadcast period: 2009-Mar-04 to 2009-Mar-31
    • Broadcast network: MediaCorp Channel 8
    • Air time: Weekdays 21:00-22:00
    • Opening theme song: 休止符 (Xiu Zhi Fu) by Liu Hui Qi (刘慧祺)


    Three housewives become friends when they worked together to nab a thief that stole bras from the neighbourhood. Each housewife is different in character. Chen Si Mei, 42, is very thrifty and looks out for small advantages. Alice, 40, is the modern one, who enjoys making herself look good. Zhong Ai Qin, 39, is a natural worrier. Alice looks down on the others and pretends she's a rich tai tai. Si Mei, in a bid to stand up to Alice, lies that her husband is a rich businessman. Each has a different set of problems – a philandering husband, interfering in-laws and marriages that have lost their romance. All things come to a head when Alice discovers her husband has a mistress. Ai Qin, too is shocked when her suspicions about her husband is confirmed. Si Mei is devastated when she finds that her husband has resumed his gambling habit again. The three women, who had been fighting secretly amongst one another, realise they are all in the same boat. All their sacrifices for their families had come to a nought. It was time for them to live for themselves. They decide to go for a long holiday and set off without saying goodbye to their families. Their disappearances cause chaos in their families. Ai Qin decides to divorce her husband but her husband pleads for forgiveness. Alice is touched by her husband, Jia Sheng's sincerity and forgives him. Si Mei returns home and realises that her husband has finally kicked the gambling habit.


    • Hong Hui Fang as Chen Simei
    • Ann Kok as Alice Zeng
    • Xiang Yun as Zhong Aiqin
    • Brandon Wong as Chen Weibin
    • San Yow as Zhang Jiasheng
    • Rayson Tan as Bryan He
    • Joey Swee as Wendy


    • Star Awards 2010: Highest Rated Drama Series 2009

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