High 5 Basketball   (Taiwanese Drama)

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    • Title: High 5 制霸青春 / High 5 Zhi Ba Qing Chun
    • Also Known As: 高5篮球 (Gao 5 Lan Qiu) / High 5 Youth Takeover
    • Genre: Sports, School, Youth
    • Episodes: 13
    • Broadcast period: 2016-Oct-15 to 2017-Jan-07
    • Broadcast network: GTV / iQIYi
    • Opening theme song: Qing Chun Wu Di (青春無敵) Invincible by Shin
    • Ending theme song: Ning Shi (凝視) The Gaze by Janice Yan 閻奕格


    The drama revolves around basketball, describes the passion of youth. Two young student become rivals: one wishing to have all the glory and the other wanting to unify his team...


    Basketball Team
    • Yu Jin as Cao An Di (曹安迪)
    • Jiang Kang Zhe (姜康哲) as Bao Guo Qing (包國慶)
    • Chen Wei Zuo (陳威佐) as Jiang Cong Ming (江聰明)
    • Lin Yong Yue (林詠越) as Lin Sen Sen (林森森)
    • Chen Bo Wen (陳柏文) as Chen Bo Qing (陳柏青)
    • Lu Shi Wei (呂世偉) as Tian Jia Hao (田家豪)
    • Zhang Yu Hong (張毓紘) as Hei Jie Lun (黑結倫)
    • Zhang Wei Fan (張瑋帆) as Chen A Bang (張阿邦)
    • Zhao Xiu Wu (趙修武) as Zhao Fei (趙飛)
    • Jerry Huang as We Dai Jie (文岱杰)
    • Xie Qiong Nuan (謝瓊煖) as Mrs. Ke (柯媽媽)
    • Huang Jie Fei (黃婕菲) as Zhou Jia Feng's mother
    • Bai Yun (白雲) as Ya Lun's father
    • Yang Chieh Mei as Ya Lun's mother
    • Anthony Bao (包小松) as Mr. Zhan (詹爸爸)
    • Vicky Chen as Mrs. Zhan (詹媽媽)
    • Xuan Ye Ke Fen (萱野可芬) as Shuang Shuang (雙雙)
    • Xuan Ye Ke Fang (萱野可芳) as Dong Dong (冬冬)
    • Lin Xin Yi (林忻怡) as Ye Ting Xuan (葉婷萱)
    • Li Jie Yu (李捷宇) as Wu Dong Yang (吳東陽)

    Production Credits

    • Producer: Zhang Shu Yuan (張淑媛)
    • Director: Lin Zi Ping

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