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    • Title: 遇見幸福300天 (遇见幸福300天) / Yu Chian Hsing Fu 300 Tien (Yu Jian Xing Fu 300 Tian)
    • Also known as: Happy 300 Days
    • Genre: Family, comedy
    • Episodes: 15
    • Broadcast network: TTV
    • Broadcast period: 2013-Mar-08 to 2013-Jun-21
    • Air time: Friday 22:00
    • Opening theme song: Yu Jian Xing Fu 300 Tian (遇見幸福三百天) by Kingone Wang
    • Ending theme song: Xing Fu Zhe (幸福者) by Xie Wei Ling 解偉苓
    • Insert songs:
      • Xiao Que Xing (小確幸) by Chen Si Han (陳思函)
      • Bao Bei Kuai Shui (寶貝快睡) by Kingone Wang (male version) and Xie Wei Ling (female version)
      • Under the Stars by Qiao Yu Ming (喬毓明)
      • You Xie Nan Hai Bu Neng Ai (有些男孩不能愛) by Qiao Yu Ming (喬毓明)


    When a woman discovers she's pregnant with her ex-boyfriend's child, she decides to return to her hometown to have the baby. There, she meets three men, who each for their own reasons, are also escaping to this town to avoid dealing with their personal problems. Although they are meeting at the worst time in their lives, they help one another learn to be selfless, brave, and trustworthy in love.


    • Chen Yi Rong as Chen Ya Ting 陳雅婷
    • Kingone Wang as Qi Tian 齊天
    • Xie Kun Da as Zhang Yao Yang 張耀揚
    • Zhuang Kai Xun as Ding Hao Quan 丁灝詮
    • Grace Ko as Chen Xiu Zhi 陳秀枝
    • Wang Si Ping as Xu Xin Ping 許心蘋
    • You Zi Xuan (游子瑄) as Xiao Xing Fu 小幸福
    • Albee as Mi mi 啾咪
    • Zhu De Gang as Uncle Dong 東叔
    • Shen Shi Hua as Doctor
    • Bao Wei Ming (包偉銘) as John
    • Liu Er Jin (劉爾金) as Client
    • Wang Dao as Ding's father
    • Bao Zheng Fang (鮑正芳) as Ding's mother
    • Guo Yao Ren (郭耀仁) as Da Fei 大飛
    • Yao Chun Yao (姚淳耀) as Shan Ji 山雞
    • Yin Qi (殷琦) as A Jiao 阿嬌
    • Huang Wan Bo as Debtor
    • Gina Lin as Xiao Yao Ji 小妖姬
    • Kelly Huang as Gynecologist
    • Ding Qiang (丁強) as Grandpa You 尤爺爺
    • Ma Zhi Qin (馬之秦) as Grandma You 尤奶奶
    • Gao Ying Xuan as Jia Hao 家豪
    • Hope Lin as Hao Si Yi 郝詩意
    • Wu Chun as himself (ep6)
    • Duncan as Jun Jie 俊傑
    • Huang Zhong Kun (黃仲崑) as Bao Ge 寶哥
    • Wang Man Jiao (王滿嬌) as Grandma Ya Ting 雅婷阿嬤
    • Luo Xuan Ming as An AN

    Production Credits

    • Producer: Huang Wan Bo
    • Director: Zhang Jia Xian 張佳賢
    • Screenwriter: Jian Qi Feng 簡奇峰, Lin Xin Hui 林欣慧, Li Jie Yu 李婕瑀

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