Gun and Glory   (Hong Kong Drama)

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    • Title: 槍神 (枪神)
    • Cantonese/Mandarin title: Cheung Sun / Qiang Shen
    • English title: Gun and Glory
    • Genre: Action
    • Episodes: 20
    • Broadcast network: ATV
    • Broadcast date: 1993-Jul-05 start


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    • Jackie Lui as Wan Ping On (尹平安) / Wan Ming Yeung (尹名揚)
    • Joey Meng as Oh Ming (敖明) / Chan Siu Ming (陳小明)
    • Ben Ng as Fong Jing (方正)
    • Jay Lau as Ho Siu Yue (賀小月)
    • Ho Mei Ting (何美婷) as Ah Lai (阿麗)
    • Paul Chun as Dong Shuk (東叔)
    • Kwok Fung as Lee Chung Kwong (李中光)
    • Sunny Chan as Wu Guan (胡軍)
    • Leung Shan as On's Mother
    • Ken Lok as Lam Bo Kin (林寶堅)
    • Wong Yim Na (王艷娜) as Wasabi
    • Wong Suet Tong (黃樹棠) as Cheuk But Fan (卓不凡)
    • Wu Wai Hong (胡渭康) as Paul
    • Tsui Yi Au (徐二牛) as Oh Tin (敖天)
    • Wai Ka Hung as Ricky
    • Chan Yi Ming (陳綺明)
    • Wong Wan Choi
    • Baby Bo
    • Si Ming
    • Lo Lit (羅烈)

    Production Credits

    • Producer: Chan Yu Chiu (陳宇超)

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