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    • Title: 綠光森林 (绿光森林) / Lu Guang Sen Lin
    • English Title: Green Forest, My Home
    • Genre: Romance
    • Episodes: 15
    • Broadcast network: TTV / SETTV
    • Broadcast period: 2005-Oct-23 to 2006-Feb-05 / 2005-Oct-29 to 2006-Feb-11
    • Air time: Sunday 21:30 / Saturday 21:00
    • Opening theme song: Yong Gan De Xing Fu (勇敢的幸福) by Sweety, Ethan Ruan and David Chen
    • Ending theme song: Wu Fa Kai Kou (無法開口) by William So
    • Drama slogan: 一段愛與相信的故事 (A story about love and belief)


    The series is set around the fictional Royal Spencer Academy of Music. Sophie (Esther Liu) is a wealthy girl. Luoshan (Song Zhi Ai) is the daughter of Sophie's parents' chauffeur. When Luoshan's father dies in an accident while driving drunk, she is adopted by Sophie's family and takes the name Susan instead of Luoshan. Thereon, Susan plans to take whatever Sophie has. - English Wikipedia


    • Leon Jay Williams as William Spencer / Wei Lian
    • Esther Liu as Sophie / Su Fei
    • Song Zhi Ai as Susan / Su Shan
    • Ethan Ruan as Owen / Jin Ou Wen / Jin Yuan Fang
    • David Chen as Brian / Director Shang
    • Liang Xiu Zhi as Allen
    • Lin Ke Wei as Xie You Mei
    • Kido as Sun Da Jie
    • Huang Ruo Bai as Lan Ci Yun
    • Bu Xue Liang as School Administrator
    • Chen You Fang as Pao Ma
    • Joanna Feng as Fiona / Fei Ou Nuo
    • Cai Li Qun as He Shi Yu
    • Lin Xiu Jun as Countess / Xie Ya Yin
    • Yao Kun Jun as He Li Xiang
    • Fan Zong Pei as Fan Zong Pei
    • Ishii Mika (石井美佳) as Lan An Ni
    • Zhao Zhong Ting as Bu Lu
    • Shi Yu Yan as Xiao La Jiao Yi Ma
    • Zheng Ling Yun as Xi Ma
    • Lin Zheng Xun as Lei Li Wei "Da Pao"
    • Wang Ming Yi as Jia Chong
    • Zhan Jia Nuo as Mei Zi
    • Xiang Bo Tao as childhood William
    • Wu Yan Xuan as childhood Owen

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