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    • Title: 死神少女 / Si Shen Shao Nu
    • English title: Gloomy Salad Days
    • Tagline: Dear death, please take away my misfortune, even if the price is for me to turn into a stone...
    • Also known as: Death Girl
    • Genre: Human drama, supernatural
    • Episodes: 20
    • Broadcast network: PTS
    • Broadcast period: 2010-Oct-09 to 2010-Dec-11
    • Air time: Saturday 21:00 ~ 23:00 (Two episodes back to back)
    • Original soundtrack: Gloomy Salad Days OST


    This drama involves 12 different stories which happened to teenagers, taken from real life social cases. Shen Qi is a student who has a brain tumor, giving him the ability to see Death Girl when no one else can. As he witnesses her task of ferrying different people to the afterlife, he gradually falls in love with her and begins to understand the transition between life and death.


    Main characters
    • Wang Zi as Huang He 黃禾 - A honor student who had an affair with his teacher.
    • Summer Meng as Xiao Qing 筱青 - Huang He confided in her that he wanted to put an end to his double life.
    • Zhang Jun Ming as Ye Xiao Lin 葉小琳 - A quiet student who was severely neglected by her family.
    • Lin Chen Xi as Zeng Nicole 曾妮可 - A student who sold sex to earn money to leave her abusive, alcoholic father.
    • Kris Shen as Tang Zi Qi 唐子齊 - A classmate of Nicole who wanted to help her.
    • Chao Yi Lan as Li You 李優 - A transgender student whose true gender was a secret.
    • Tang Zhen Gang as Chen Guo Hao 陳國豪 - He was Li You's best friend who later hated her for her secret.
    • Jenny Wen as Chen Ke Ju 陳可菊 - A student whose sexual orientation was in flux.
    • Aviis Zhong as Yang Qiao Qiao 楊巧巧 - She was in love with Ju and wanted to die with her.
    • Chen Yi as Xiao Dao 小刀 - A hot-tempered student who chose loyalty to friends over his own life.
    • Jay Shih as Li Qiang 李強 - Xiao Dao's friend whose family was almost ruined by a local crime boss.
    • Ah Ben as Xiao Lun 小侖 - An effeminate student who was sexually harassed in school.
    • Zhang Yong Zheng as Zhao Da Dong 趙大東 - A bully who tried to prove his masculinity by targeting Xiao Lun.
    • Bernice Tsai as Xiao Ya Zhen 蕭亞貞 - An over-scheduled student who found herself pregnant.
    • Kao Ying Hsuan as Shen Quan 沈泉 - A reclusive teacher intern whose girlfriend died during an abortion.
    • Mao Di as Ah Pang 阿龐
    • Ao Quan as Jin Jie Shu 金介書
    • Zhang Jie (張捷) as Ah Cai 阿才
    • Chanel Wang as Pei Pei 佩佩
    • Lin Zhong Yan (林宗彥) as Sha Dong 傻東
    • Zhou Xian Zhong (周賢忠) as Black Dog 黑狗
    • Cai Zhe Wen (蔡哲文) as Xiao Dia 小彫
    • Qiu Xiu Min (邱秀敏) as Ah Pang's grandmother
    • Adriene Lin as Jiang Ping 江萍
    • Zhang Young Xing (張詠興) as Zheng Wei He 鄭唯和
    • Lang Ya Ling (郎亞玲) as Li Li 麗麗
    • Ivy Fan as Yang Qian Qian 楊倩倩
    • Wang Yun Zhu (王韻茿) as Xiao Lin's aunt
    • Akio Chen as Xiao Lin's uncle
    • Guan Jin Zong (管謹宗) as Jie Shu's father
    • Yang Yi Ming (楊貽銘) as Xiao Lin's father
    • Qiu Yuan Fang (邱圓芳) as Xiao Lin's mother
    • Lin Chun Ru (林纯如) as Resident advisor
    • Liu Xiao Fei (劉小菲) as Yi Zhu 怡茱
    • Weng Ruo Fan (翁偌凡) as Rou Juan 柔娟
    • Zhang Xiu Rui (張秀瑞) as Yi Zhu's father
    • Li Hong Xiu (李虹秀) as Yi Zhu's mother
    • Hsia Ching Ting as Zeng Guo Quan 曾國全
    • Shan Ni (珊妮) as Nicole's mother
    • Gu Jun Wei (顧峻偉) as Lin Da Yao 林大耀
    • Chang Han as Guidance counselor 主教
    • Zhang We Yao (張文耀) as Zhong Ge 鍾哥
    • Qiu Sen (秋森) as Hei Bao 黑豹
    • Melanie Li as Mei Li 梅麗
    • Wang Meng Yuan (王盟元) as Huang Dou 黃豆
    • A Ni (阿尼) as Dan Tou 蛋頭
    • Wang Xi Hua (王希華) as Qiao Qiao's father
    • He Man Ning (何曼寧) as Qiao Qiao's mother
    • Xie Mei Yi (謝美伊) as Ju's mother
    • Su Xiao Qi (蘇筱琦) as librarian
    • Chen Wen Pin (陳文彬) as Kou-san 柯桑
    • Luo Hong Zheng as Ah Jie 阿杰
    • Fu Yan (傅燕) as Pei Pei's mother
    • You An Shun (游安順) as Xiao Dao's uncle
    • Lin Chih Ju (林志儒) as Li Qiang's father
    • Zhang Xiu Mei (張秀美) as Li Qiang's mother
    • Jack Kao as Shen Da Wei 沈大偉
    • Afalean Lu (盧學叡) as Lu Zi Rui 盧子瑞
    • Ring Hsu as Mi Xue 米雪
    • Lin Han (林翰) as Hong Gang 宏剛
    • Jian Wei Zhe (簡偉哲) as Ping Pong 乒乓
    • Albee Liu (劉堇萱) as Li Na 麗娜
    • Xie Kai Wen (謝凱雯) as Yun Yun 雲雲
    • Huang Cai Yi (黃采儀) as Gu Zhi Fang 古芝芳
    • Cao Su Yue Er (曹蘇月娥) as Xiao Lun's grandmother
    • Zhang Jia Wei (張家瑋) as Teacher Zheng 鄭老師
    • Wang Da Lu as Xiao Hai 小海
    • Chu Jia Qing (初家晴) as Ruo Yao 若瑤
    • Huang Wei Ting as Xing Xing 欣欣
    • Ye Shou (野獸) as Hao Zi 浩子
    • Wu Zhong Han (巫忠翰) as Guang Tou 光頭
    • Zhong Lun Li (鍾倫理) as Principal
    • Lei Ying Jie (雷應婕) as Teacher Yang 楊老師
    • Li Zhong Yu (李中渝) as Ya Zhen's father
    • Gao Li Hong (高麗虹) as Ya Zhen's mother
    • Wen Sheng Hao as Du Ji 杜驥
    • Ke Ya Xin (柯雅馨) as Jia Jia 佳佳
    • Gao Ming Wei (高明偉) as Gao Deng 高登
    • Lin Hong Xiang (林鴻翔) as Art teacher
    • Yang Shi Han (楊世瀚) as A Wei 阿威
    • Chen Ping Zhi (陳品志) as Ping Ge 品哥
    • Zhuang More (莊莫俄) as Shen Qi's uncle
    • Cai Xiao Yi (蔡曉薏) as childhood Du He 杜荷(幼年)
    • Chen Ming Ting (陳明廷) as teenage Du Ji 杜驥(少年)
    • Song Qi Ou (宋七偶) as Mori Kenji 森健二
    • Qiu Yi Feng (邱逸峰) as Assistant Zhang 張秘書
    • Fan Rui Jun (范瑞君) as Shen Qi's mother
    • Cai Lai Xuan (蔡瀨萱) as Town mayor 里長

    Production Credits

    • Production Company: The 3rd Vision Films
    • Producer: Zero Chou (周美玲), Liu Yun Hou (劉芸后)
    • Director: Zero Chou (周美玲)
    • Screenwriter: Lou Yi An (樓一安), Zero Chou (周美玲)


    • Part two of "Embracing Being Young: The Deepest Area of the Soul (擁抱青春靈魂最深處三部曲)" three-part series.
    • The drama title is inspired by the Japanese manga, Hell Girl.

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