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    • Title: 來自未來的史密特 / Lai Zhi Wei Lai De Shi Mi Te
    • English title: Future Mr. Right
    • Genre: Fantasy, mystery, romance
    • Episodes: 40
    • Broadcast network: LETV
    • Broadcast period: 2015-Jul-21


    A programmer from the 2045 was accused of murdering of a young man. In his quest to clear his name, his discovered the perpetrator not only shared his face and his name, he committed the crime over 30 years ago. He traveled back in time to stop his doppelganger and a woman from an photo in 2015 may be the key to track the man down.


    • Wang Zhong Huang (王中皇) as Shi Dong Ming in 2045
    • Liu E Jin (劉爾金) as police
    • Wei Ting Kai (尉庭愷) as Mi Xue's brother 米雪弟
    • Lin Bo Yan as Wang Yu Zhi's boyfriend 王宇直男友
    • Zhang Qing Qing (張慶慶)
    • Zhang Xi En (張熙恩) as android assistant
    • Melanie Li
    • Liu Ting Jun (劉庭均)
    • Jenna Wang as Li Tian Hou

    Production Credits

    • Producer:
    • Director:
    • Screenwriter:

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