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    • Title: 愛情,兩好三壞 (爱情,两好三坏) / Ai Qing, Liang Hao San Huai
    • English title: Full Count aka Love Is Full Count
    • Genre: Romance
    • Episodes: 20
    • Broadcast network: FTV
    • Broadcast period: 2007-Oct-14 to 2008-Jan-06
    • Air time: Sunday 22:00-23:30
    • Opening theme song: Hello, Stranger by Joanne Tseng
    • Ending theme song: Ming Zhi Dao (明知道) by He Jun Ming (何俊明)
    • Insert Song: 天使的翅膀 By Chen Yi


    Ah Ke is an unambitious, unimportant, plain sales clerk who is fanatic about baseball. After a year of secret crush on his boss, Wen Zi, he decides to confess to her on her birthday. However, an irresponsible prediction from an eccentric tarot card girl leads him on a love journey that can only be described using baseball terms: Three balls and two strikes.


    • Chen Yi as Li Ke 李克
    • Joanne Tseng as Su Xiao Xue 蘇曉雪
    • Joyce Zhao as Yu Wen Zi 于文姿
    • Tony Sun as Meng Xue 孟學
    • Gu Han Yun as Store manager Bao Luo 店長保羅
    • Jiang Wei Wen (蔣偉文) as Professor Yu 魚博士
    • Guo Shi Lun as Wang Jian Nan 王劍南
    • Shivia Li as Ah Bu Si 阿不思
    • Zhang Yun Ze (張允澤) as Ah Meng 阿猛
    • You Ding Gang as Ah Bao 阿爆
    • Cai Zhuo Shu (蔡卓妤) as Xiao P 小P
    • Lan Jun Tian as Hua Ge 華哥
    • Lu Pei Yi (虞佩儀) as Liang Qi Qi 梁琦琦
    • Gao Ming Wei (高明偉) as Liao Bei Ya 廖北亞
    • Makiyo as Tarot card girl
    • Tang Jia Hao as Ah Tuo 阿拓
    • Hu Gua (胡瓜) as Restaurant owner
    • Liang Xiu Zhi

    Production Credits

    • Original novel: Love is Full Count by Giddens 九把刀
    • Producer: Lin Shu Qiao / Jiang Shi Sheng / Jin Han Xuan
    • Director: Mai Da Jie
    • Screenwriter: Zhen Dian Ya Studio

    Episode Ratings

    Episode Nationwide
    1 0.56
    2 0.57
    3 0.41
    4 0.43
    5 0.34
    6 0.23
    7 0.33
    8 0.34
    9 0.37
    10 0.32
    11 0.37
    12 0.41
    13 0.36
    Average 0.39

    Source: Chinatimes Showbiz

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