Fu Qi Na Xie Shi   (Chinese Drama)

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    • Title: 夫妻那些事 / Fu Qi Na Xie Shi
    • Also known as: 夫妻那点事 (Fu Qi Na Dian Shi) / Affairs of a Married Couple
    • Genre: Family, modern drama, comedy
    • Episodes: 34 / 40
    • Viewership rating: 1.56 (Hunan TV)
    • Broadcast network: Hunan TV / CCTV-8
    • Broadcast period: 2012-Feb-23 start / 2012-Mar-15 start
    • Air time: 19:30 / 19:00 (5 episodes nightly)
    • Theme song: Jing Guo (经过) Passing Through by Chen Chu Sheng (陈楚生) and He Jie (何洁)
    • Insert songs:
      • Ai Qing Shi Fou Yi Ran (爱情是否依然) Is [Our] Love as it Was by Chen Chu Sheng (陈楚生)
      • Ru Guo Zhe Shi Ai (如果这是爱) If This is Love by A Qiao (阿悄)
      • You Shang Dao Shu (忧伤倒数) Inverse of Grief by Xiao Xi Mi (小昔米)
      • To be or not to have a baby by Liu Wei (刘伟) and Zhu Yu (朱萸)


    The story of a once rock-solid childless couple, Tang Peng and Lin Jun, and their both grief-filled and happy journey of procreation.


    Production Credits

    • Original writing: Huang Ji (黄霁)
    • Screenwriters: Gao Rong Rong (高蓉蓉), Yu Li (于力), Geng Xu Hong (耿旭红)
    • Producers: Zhuang Li Qi (庄立奇), Yang Shan Piao (杨善朴), Wang Zhong Lei, Wang Zhong Jun
    • Director: Wang Jun

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