Fourth Army Female Soldiers   (Chinese Drama)

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    • Title: 新四军女兵 / Xin Si Jun Nu Bing
    • English title: Fourth Army Female Soldiers
    • Genre: Military
    • Episodes: 30
    • Broadcast network:
    • Broadcast period: 2011-6-13 start


    A drama based on the true story of a group of women who joined the Revolutionary Fourth Army during the Sino-Japanese War. It follows them during their training, both military and cultural; shows their trials during the war; and the difficulties of life in the nationalists' concentration camps.


    • Zhao Zi Qi as Xiang Rui Yun (向瑞云)
    • Victor Huang as Ma Jing Ping (马靖平)
    • Liu Wei Wei as Du Tie Ying (杜铁英)
    • Wang Xin Jun (王新军) as Wuyuan Long (伍元龙)
    • Xu Cui Cui as Lin Rui (林蕤)
    • Gan Ting Ting as Xiang Rui Hua (向瑞华)
    • Tu Li Man as Xiang Rui Xing (向瑞星)
    • Ban Chan (班赞) as Wen Yue Bai (文曰白)
    • Guo Jia Ming (郭家铭) as Qi Ming (启明)
    • Yan Na (阎娜) as Son Yu Sheng (盛子钰)
    • Zhu Rui as Situ Fang Fang (司徒芬芳)
    • Zhang Jia Ning as Tao Qi Mei (陶七妹)
    • Wang Jun Peng (王俊彭) as Wang Chang Fu (王昌馥)
    • Zhang Hong Rui as Liu Wen Ju (刘文举)

    Production Credits

    • Producer: Dong Hao Yu (董浩宇)
    • Director: Ding Hei (丁黑)
    • Screenwriter: Deng Hai Nan (邓海南), Yao Yuan (姚远), Jiang Xiao Qin (蒋晓勤)

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