Fighting 5th Space   (Chinese Drama)

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    • Title: 第五空间 / Di Wu Kong Jian
    • English title: Fighting 5th Space
    • Also known as: 搏击第五空间 / Bo Ji Di Wu Kong Jian
    • Genre: Military, action
    • Episodes: 33
    • Broadcast network: CCTV-8
    • Broadcast period: 2011-Jan-01 start


    Instructor Zheng Bei is given one mission: to train up an elite special class of aviators for the Chinese Air Force that will specialize in flight of the 5th Space. He recruits a team full of young candidates from many different backgrounds and hopes to train them under a new system to better prepare the youngsters of today for the modernization of aerial warfare. Among the 29 recruits, only fifteen will be part of the graduating class. Although each recruit comes with a different purpose, eventually through the process of struggles and lessons, they are molded to be become great aviators, soldiers, and stand up men and women to serve their country.

    Among the recruits is Jiang Dou, a Military Medical University Student who is not only intelligent but a trouble maker who always has trouble following the rules. Tang Min Yang, the cold disciplined grandson of a military decorated soldier always striving for number 1. Wo Wei, a former Armored Troops soldier who came from humble beginnings but makes up for it with hard work and dedication. Bai Yu, the sole female recruit. And Guan Huai, a talkative player who is the son of a business man. Together along with the rest of their class, they aim to train to be great aviators and conquer flight in the 5th space.


    • Purba Rgyal as Jiang Dou (Student)
    • Wang Qiang (王强) as Zheng Bei (Instructor)
    • He Gang as Tang Min Yang (Student)
    • Zheng Luo Qian (郑罗茜) as Bai Yu (Student)
    • Wan Si Wei (万思维) as Wo Wei (Student)
    • Wu Yu Han (吴昱翰) as Guan Huai (Student)
    • Lu Yi Ding (吕一丁) as Song Fei (Instructor)
    • Liu Si Yan as Mei Yang Jia (Instructor/Psychiatrist)
    • Zhong Mei (钟梅) as Jiang Mei aka Maggie (Jiang Dou's Sister)
    • Wang Fei (汪裴) as Qi Xin (Instructor)
    • Lu Jian Min as Li Shi Zhang (Division Commander)
    • Liu Chang Chun (刘长纯) as Tuan Zhang
    • Deng Gang (邓钢) as Song Nan Bing

    Production Credits

    • Screenwriters: Zhao Lei (赵蕾), Xu Su (徐速), Wang Xiao Han (王霄涵), Hu Jian Xin (胡建新)
    • Directors: Zhang Li (张蠡), Jiang Feng (姜峰)

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