Fighter of the Destiny   (Chinese Drama)

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    • Title: 择天记 / Ze Tian Ji
    • English title: Fighter of the Destiny
    • Genre: Fantasy, romance
    • Episodes: 52
    • Viewership ratings: peak = 1.430%, average = 1.12% [1]
    • Broadcast network: Hunan TV
    • Broadcast period: 2017-Apr-17 to 2017-Jun-04
    • Air time: 22:00 Monday to Thursday
    • Opening theme song: Stars (星辰) by Zhang Jie 张杰
    • Ending theme song: Fated (注定) by Zhou Bi Chang 周笔畅, Bai Ju Gang 白举纲


    Chen Chang Sheng's blood can cure all ailments in other people but limits his life expectancy to 20 years. So, he left his master to pursue the only way to extend his life: Pass Zhou Dynasty's "Examination of Dachao" and be admitted to the shrine where a holy stone that supposedly can change a person's destiny is worshiped. He overcame many obstacles, including his inability to practice ascension, to obtain the qualification to enter the exam. Along the way, he befriended a human technology prodigy, a tiger princess and a bear warrior who assisted him in defeating other contenders. His mission to change his destiny tipped the balance of good and evil. With the help of his betroth, he learned to harness his new powers and save the human world from the demons.


    • Lu Han as Chen Chang Sheng
    • Gu Li Na Zha as Xu You Rong
    • Wu Qian as Bai Ruo Heng
    • Zeng Shun Xi (曾舜晞) as Tang 36
    • Gao Han Yu (高瀚宇) as Xuanyuan Po
    • Xu Ling Yue (许龄月 as Mo Yu
    • Zhang Jun Ning ‎ as Qiu Shan Jun
    • Yao Di as Nan Ke
    • Chen Shu as Sheng Hou
    • Eddie Cheung as Jiao Zong
    • Eric Tsang as Ye Dao Ren
    • Xue Jia Ning as Mo Yu's mother
    • Li Si Yi (林思意) as Little black dragon
    • Archie Kao (高圣远) as Jin Yu Lu
    • Wang Ce (王策) as Bai Di
    • Gong Bei Bi (龚蓓苾) as Bai hou
    • Lin Jian Dong (林鉴东) as Xing Qi
    • Zhai Tian Lin as Zhou Du Fu
    • Zhao Zhi Wei (赵志伟) as Huo Guang
    • Maggie Siu as Xun Mei
    • Guo Ming Yu (郭洺宇) as Han Qing


    • In August 2016, China issued a block on all Korean products and talents.[2]. As result, the production company elected to cut out all scenes with character Ze Xiu, which was portrayed by a Korean actor, in order to secure the show's airing date.[3]

    Production Credits

    • Original writing (novel): Ze Tian Ji (择天记) by Mao Ni (猫腻)
    • Producer: Yang Xiao Pei 杨晓培
    • Director: Zhong Shu Jia 钟澍佳
    • Screenwriter: Chu Xi Dao 楚惜刀, Yang Mo 杨陌, Yang Pan 杨叛, Jin Yuan Yuan 金媛媛

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