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    • Title: 非缘勿扰 / Fei Yuan Wu Rao
    • English title: Destiny By Love
    • Genre: Romance
    • Episodes: 30 (CCTV) / 36 (full version)
    • Broadcast network: CCTV-1 / CCTV-8
    • Broadcast period: 2013-Jul-01 start
    • Theme song: Ai Shang Zi Ji (爱上自己) Fall in Love by Insect (小虫)


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    • Alec Su as Lu Xi Nuo (陆西诺)
    • Qin Lan as Liu Lin (刘琳) / Liu Da Qi (刘大气)
    • Shaun Tam as Chen Shu Feng (陈树峰)
    • Xiong Nai Jin as Yang Yang (杨阳) / Xiao Ji Zai (小鸡崽)
    • Xiao Guang Yi (肖光奕) as Jin Gu (金谷)
    • Wu Hua Xin (吴华新) as Xiao Qiang (肖强)
    • Wang Xuan Yu as Su Yue (苏月)
    • Zhang Tian Lin as Chen Peng (陈鹏)
    • Fu Yi Wei as Lu Xin Lan (陆心兰)
    • Yang Cheng Cheng (杨诚诚) as Yu Min (玉敏)
    • Ren Jia Rui (任珈锐) as Ding Juan (丁娟)
    • Li Ming Zhu as Liu Lin's mother (刘琳母亲)
    • Jin Shu Gui (金书贵) as Jin Can (金灿)
    • Wang Zhi Hua (王志华) as Li Shu (李叔)
    • Wei Lai as Long Meng Qing (龙梦清)
    • Zhu Jia Zhen (朱嘉镇) as Ma Yuan (马原)
    • Wang Yi Jun (王一珺) as Yu Min's mother (玉敏母亲)
    • Yuan Xin Ran as Xiao Li (肖丽)
    • Hao Ze Jia (郝泽嘉) as An Hua (安华)
    • Wang Zheng (2) (汪正) as Liang Liang (亮亮)
    • Yang Chen (杨辰) as Xiao Chen (小陈)
    • Zhou Meng Zhu (周梦竹) as Kong Jie (空姐)

    Production Credits

    • Producer: Zhang Jie (张洁), Wang Hao (王浩)
    • Director: Lai Shui Qing (赖水清)
    • Screenwriter: Wang Heng Zhi (王恒之)


    • Ninth Chinese American Film Festival's Outstanding Chinese TV series "Golden Angel Award"
    • Based on Internet novel, The New Age of Left-over Women (新剩女時代)
    • Also aired in Taiwan starting 2014-Nov-5

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