Family Reunion   (Chinese Drama)

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    • Title: 团圆 / Tuan Yuan
    • English title: Family Reunion
    • Genre: Family drama, romance
    • Episodes: 42
    • Broadcast network: JNTV
    • Broadcast period: 2012-Nov-15 starts
    • Air time: 19:35 (2 episodes nightly)
    • Opening theme song: Huang Hun De Gu Xiang (黄昏的故乡) The Home of Dusk by Zhuang Yu Dian (庄育典)
    • Ending theme song: Can Que De Jie Ju (残缺的结局) Shattered Ending by Lin Yan Ling (林艳伶)
    • Insert song: Xin Yuan (心愿) Wish by Nic Jiang


    Five siblings are forcibly separated for many years after the unexpected and tragic deaths of their parents in 1946. Their story demonstrates the unbreakable ties of family as they struggle against the cruel twists of fate to be together once again.


    • Nic Jiang as Liu Shi Jie
    • Lv Jia Rong as Liu Ya Qi / Hong Mei Hui
      • Lu Zi Yi as child Liu Ya Qi / Hong Mei Hui
    • Zong Feng Yan as Liu Shi Wen / Jin San Lang
      • Wu Lei as child Liu Shi Wen / Jin San Lang
    • Liu Bo Hao as Liu Shi Hua / Sun Xiang
    • Gao Yang as Liu Ya Ping
    • Chen Xian Mei (陈仙梅) as Lin Cai Mei
    • Wang Zhong Huang (王中皇) as Jin Ba
    • Gu Bao Ming as Mo Lao Jiu
    • Bao Zheng Fang (鲍正芳) as Auntie Wang
    • Song Lei Tao (宋雷涛) as Wu Hao Zhi
    • Liu Sheng Hao (刘晟豪) as Chen Chao Zong
    • Li Ting Zhe as Luo Ming
    • Hao Luo Fan (郝洛钒) as Liu Jia Quan
    • Li Xiao Bing (季肖冰) as Jin Hao Wei
    • Lou Qi as Han Da Zhong
    • Liu Bao Wen (刘宝文) as Yin Xin
    • Winston Chao as Liu Yu
    • Grace Yu as Luo Yi Yun

    Production Credits

    • Screenwriter: Chen Zhu Huang (陈朱煌)
    • Producers: Shu Zhan (舒展), Chen Han Hai (陈翰海), Fang Jun (方军)
    • Director: Chen Zhu Huang (陈朱煌)

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