Fall in Love with Me   (Taiwanese Drama)

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    • Title: 愛上兩個我 (爱上两个我) / Ai Shang Liang Ke Wo (Ai Shang Liang Ge Wo)
    • English title: Fall in Love with Me
    • Genre: Romance
    • Episodes: 20
    • Broadcast network: TTV / SETTV / ETTV
    • Broadcast period: 2014-Apr-06 to 2014-Aug-17
    • Air time: Sunday 21:00
    • Opening theme song: 1/2 (二分之一) half by Aaron Yan and G.NA
    • Ending theme song: Zhe Bu Shi Wo (這不是我) this is not me by Aaron Yan
    • Insert songs:
      • Duo Yu De Wo (多餘的我) the excessive me by Aaron Yan
      • Mei Gui Ju (沒規矩) no rules by Aaron Yan
      • Wei Yi De Mei Gui (唯一的玫瑰) the only rose by Aaron Yan
      • Tai Bei Chen Shui Le (台北沉睡了) Taipei dreaming by Aaron Yan
      • Rong Hua Le (融化了) melted by Popu Lady
      • Zhe Yang De Xing Fu Gang Gang Hao (這樣的幸福剛剛好) the happiness is just enough by Popu Lady
      • Kou Dai De Wen Du (口袋的溫度) the warmth in the pocket by Hebe Tian


    After a series of meaningless ads, creative prodigy and Tian Ji CEO Lu Tian Xing announces that he is going on hiatus until he rediscovers his inspiration. During his escape he unwittingly walks into the film set of a small advertisement company, OZ, and is reminded of the passion involved in commercial making.

    Tao Le Si is the boss of OZ, a collapsing company that her brother had left behind. One day she has a misfortunate encounter with the arrogant Lu Tian Xing, as well as a warmhearted young man, Xiao Lu, who looks just like him! She finds herself becoming dependent on the polar opposite personalities of both. Will she fall in love with the two of them?


    Main Cast
    • Aaron Yan as Lu Tian Xing 路天行 / Xiao Lu 小鹿
      • Zhang Bo Yan (張博彥) as young Tian Xing 小路天行
    • Tia Li as Tao Le Si 陶樂思
      • Cao You Xin (曹又心) as young Le Si
    • Jack Li as Weng Li Yang 翁立洋 (Leo)
    • Katherine Wang as Xu Miao Miao 徐妙妙
    • Yang Ming Wei as Jia Gai Xian 賈蓋先
    • Beatrice Fang as Li Huan Huan 李歡歡
    Extended Cast
    • Chen Bo Zheng as Uncle Fu 福伯
    • Jian Chang as Tao De Li 陶得力
    • Xie Qiong Nuan (謝瓊煖) as Hong Xiu Luan 洪秀鑾
    • Hope Lin as Cao Hai Lun 曹海倫
    • Kao Ying Hsuan as Li Qi Xuan 李奇軒 (Lance)
    • Huang Huai Chen (黃懷晨) as Wang Ting Wei 王廷威
    • Evan Yo as Tao Le Yuan 陶樂源
    • Zhu De Gang as Jin Chuang Xiong 金創雄 (ep 1)
    • Da Kai (大愷) as Steven (Huan Huan's manager) (ep 2)
    • Wu Jing Xian (吳靜嫻) as Aunty Jing (ep 2-3)
    • Wen Zhao Yu (温兆宇) as Ah Wei 阿偉 (Aunty Jing's son) (ep 3)
    • Chen Yi Jun (陳羿君) as Ah Wei's wife (ep 3)
    • Meng Meng Bin (萌萌彬) as Aunty Jing's grandson (ep 3)
    • Zhang Guo Dong (張國棟) as Uncle Zhang 張伯 (ep 4)
    • Wu Xiang Zhen (吳翔震) as head of company (ep 6)
    • Peggy Yang (楊佩潔) as secretary of company (ep 6)

    Production Credits

    • Producer: Chen Bi Zhen (陳碧真)
    • Director: Guo Chun Hui (郭春暉)
    • Screenwriter: Zhang Qi En (張綺恩), Li Jie Yu (李婕瑀)

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