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    • Title: 心理罪 / Xin Li Zui
    • English title: Evil Minds
    • Genre: Suspense, police, mystery

    Season 1

    • Episodes: 24
    • Broadcast network: iQIYi
    • Broadcast period: 2015-May-08


    A gifted criminal profiler lost someone important to him while he was helping the police solve a bizarre campus serial killing. The lost crippled his mind and left him unable to profile again. But when another serial killing threatened the city, he had to confront his inner demon in order to track down the serial killer.


    • Chen Ruo Xuan as Fang Mu
    • Fu Mei (付枚) as Chen Xi
    • Wang Long Zheng as Tai Wei
    • Wen Xin (温心) as Deng LIn Yue
    • Wu Guo Hua (吴国华) as Xing Zhi Sen
    • Yang Da Wei (杨大为) as Qiao Yun Ping
    • Han Ye Zhou (韩烨州) as Da Zhuang
    • Song Yong Heng (宋永恒) as Xiao Mi
    • Luan Lei Ying (栾蕾英) as Pu Hui Zhen
    • Cheng Cheng (成城) as Sun Pu
    • Zhang Xin Ning (张芯宁) as Liu Nian
    • Pan Wei Yi (潘伟奕) as Hu Zi
    • Liu Bo Xi (刘柏希) as Lin Kun
    • Yu Cheng Qun (于诚群) as Gui Ge
    • Cai Jun (蔡军) as Tu Long

    Production Credits

    • Producer: Wu You 吴又 Dai Ying, 戴莹 Lu Bing 芦彬, Zhang Qiao 张乔, Huang Tian Tian 黄田田
    • Director:
    • Screenwriter:

    Season 2

    • Episodes:
    • Broadcast network: LETV
    • Broadcast period: 2016-Dec-03


    Fang Mu and Tai Wei reunited to find their captain's kidnapped daughter.


    Production Credits

    • Producer:
    • Director:
    • Screenwriter:

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