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    • Title: 드라마게임 / Deuramageim
    • English title: Drama Game
    • Broadcast network: KBS2
    • Broadcast period: 1984-Apr-06 to 1997-Mar-02
    • Air time: Sunday 22:00
    • Related TV Shows: Sunday Best (1997-2000), Drama City (2000-2008), Drama Special (2010-present)


    Shown weekly, Drama Game is a collection of usually single episode short dramas. Each episode is a different story, and the cast and creators change every week.

    In 1984, KBS introduced the genre of single episode drama through Drama Game for the first time in Korea. Every week Drama Game will present a creative, experimental show to meet the various tastes of the viewers.[1]

    Episodes Listing

    Air Date Episode Title Main Cast
    1984-Apr-06 Running Couple
    달리는 부부
    Kim Young Ho
    1985-Jan-04 So, It's Spring
    그래서 봄
    1986-Jan-07 Light of Twilight
    황혼의 빛
    1987-Jan-09 Heart
    Choi Ji Min (최지민)
    Ahn Byung Kyung, Ahn Dae Yong
    1989-Jan-06 Dad's Winter Vacation
    아빠의 겨울방학
    Kim Byung Gi, Yun Woon Kyung, Kim Jong Kyul
    1990-Jan-05 Beginning of Life
    생명의 시작
    Baek Joon Ki, Lee Duk Hee, Ahn Young Joo
    1991-Jan-04 We All Have Family
    우리는 모두가 식구
    1992-Jan-03 Home To You
    그대들의 고향
    1992-??-?? Father's Cup
    아버지의 술잔
    Chun Ho Jin
    1994-Jan-09 Mother-in-Law's Husband
    시어머니의 남편
    Ahn Hyo Jin (안효진), Lee Chung (이청)
    1995-Jan-08 This Marriage is Beautiful For Reasons
    결혼이 아름다운 몇가지 이유
    Kim Jung Nan, Yoon Da Hoon
    1995-Jun-18 Six Steps Toward a Separation
    이별하는 여섯 단계
    Bae Yong Joon, Jun Do Yun, Kim Won Bae
    신들의 황혼
    Park Seung Ho (박승호), Kim Hye Ri
    1996-Jan-07 Cute Woman
    귀여운 여자
    아빠와 영혼 (600회 특집)
    Suh In Suk, Lee Hwi Hyang
    1996-??-?? Stronger Than Death
    죽음보다 강한 것
    Jun Mi Sun
    1996-??-?? Brush Mom
    솔이 엄마
    Jang Han Na
    장가네 만두집
    Na Moon Hee, Hong Sung Min (홍성민)

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