Dragon Gate   (Taiwanese Drama)

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    • Title: 飛越龍門客棧 (飞越龙门客栈) / Fei Yue Long Men Ke Chan (Fei Yue Long Men Ke Zhan)
    • English title: Dragon Gate
    • Genre: Action
    • Episodes: 15
    • Broadcast network: CTV/TVBS
    • Broadcast period: 2013-Jul-26 to 2013-Nov-08
    • Air time: Fridays 22:00
    • Opening theme song: Shang Xin De Ren Bie Ting Man Ge (傷心的人別聽慢歌) by Mayday
    • Ending theme song: Hao De Qing Ren (好的情人) by Yan Jue 嚴爵


    Prime minister's disapperance and attacks on his successor Ai Xin forced special agent Qiu Mo Yu to hide the girl in Dragon Gate, a lawless ghetto where underworld dwellers do business and residents protect their own. Her boyfriend Zhou Huai An followed her there soon after. As reward for their whereabout increased, they became luring targets for every bounty hunter in town. Although Dragon Gate boss, Jin Xiang Yu, gave them sanctuary, they couldn't determine if the woman was their ally helping them to uncover the plot behind the attacks or working for their enemy to trap them in Dragon Gate.


    Dragon Gate
    • Sharon Kwan (關詩敏) as Ai Xin 艾心
    • Yu Jin as Xiao San 小三
    • Zhu Lu Hao as Liu Wei De 柳維德
    • Huang Tai An as Hei Ren 黑人
    • Hu Shi En (胡世恩) as Mei Nu 美女
    • Bao Zheng Fang (鮑正芳) as Mrs. Li 李媽媽
    • Tong Yi Jun (童毅軍) as Lao Liu 老劉
    • Lu Yi En (盧以恩) as Xiao Wen 小文
    National security agency
    • Tang Zhi Wei as Qiu Qi Xian 邱啟賢
    • Hibino Akira as Cao Shao Qin 曹紹欽
    • Xu Yuan Kang (許元康) as Lu Zheng Ting 陸正亭
    • Zou Shou Hong (鄒守宏) as Agent Fang 方保安
    • Wang Dao as Prime minister
    • Yang Shao Wen (楊少文) as Vice prime minister
    • Guo Yao Ren (郭耀仁) as Aniki 阿尼基
    • Wu Zhen Ya (吳震亞) as Boss Chen 陳董
    • Na Wei Xun as Zhao Guo Wei 趙國威
    • Liu Cheng En (劉承恩) as A Wan 阿萬
    • Stephanie Li as Mo Yu Qing 莫玉晴
    • Allison Lin as News anchor

    Production Credits

    • Producer: Liu Wei Ci 劉瑋慈, Chen Qi Ming 陳啟銘
    • Director: Yu Zhong Zhong 于中中
    • Screenwriter: Wu Jin Rong 吳瑾蓉, Lin Yu Chen 林宇辰

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