Dr. Qin Medical Examiner   (Chinese Drama)

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    • Title: 法医秦明 / Fa Yi Qin Ming
    • English title: Medical Examiner Dr. Qin
    • Genre: Police, medical
    • Episodes: 20
    • Broadcast network: Sohu
    • Broadcast period: 2016-Oct-13
    • Theme song: Bu Mie (不灭) by Zhang Ruo Yun
    • Related shows: Dr. Qin Medical Examiner Series


    Police detective Lin Tao is probably the only friend medical examiner Qin Ming has because Lin is the only one who can tolerate his eccentricity. When yet another assistant quit on Qin, Li Da Bao is sent as a replacement. Qin initially questions her ability to handle the gruesome tasks of forensic work, but she proves to be both resilient and observant. They became a solid trio that solve murders by piecing together clues from the dead.


    • Zhang Ruo Yun as Qin Ming
    • Jiao Jun Yan as Li Da Bao
    • Li Xian as Lin Tao
    • Hou Ming Hao (侯茗皓) as Li Da Gou
    • Qu Qing Qing (屈菁菁) as Chi Zi
    • Cheng Hao Feng as Chen Biao
    • Qian Bo (钱波) as Tan You Ming
    • Li Si Tong (李肆童) as Xiao Hei

    Production Credits

    • Original writing (novel): Di Shi Yi Geng Shou Zhi (第十一根手指) by Qin Ming 秦明
    • Producer: Zhang Chao Yang 张朝阳, Huang Jun Qing 黄隽青
    • Director: Xu Ang 徐昂
    • Screenwriter: Guo Lin Yuan 郭琳媛, Tang Zhe 杨哲, Xu Xiang Yun 徐祥云, Xin Fei 辛非, Xiao Shi Yao 肖诗瑶, Yang Kai Tai 杨开泰, Zhang Ji 张吉, Wang Kang Wei 王维康

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