Divorce Lawyers   (Chinese Drama)

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    • Title: 离婚律师 / Li Hun Lv Shi
    • English title: Divorce Lawyers
    • Genre: Romance, Law
    • Episodes: 46
    • Broadcast network: JSTV / ZJSTV / TJTV / SZTV5
    • Broadcast period: 2014-Aug-04 to 2014-Aug-19
    • Air time: 19:30


    Divorce lawyer, Luo Li, believes in love and marriage despite her specialty. While her colleague, Chi Hai Dong, believes love is lie and marriage is hell. Their professional warfare migrates into their personal lives when they found themselves neighbors in the same apartment building.


    Main cast
    • Wu Xiu Bo as Chi Hai Dong 池海东
    • Yao Chen as Luo Li 罗鹂
    • Zhang Meng as Jiao Yan Yan 焦艳艳 (Hai Dong's ex-wife)
    • Jia Jing Hui (贾景晖) as Pan Xiao Gang 潘小刚 (Hai Dong's assistant)
    • Han Yu Qin as Tang Mei Yu 汤美玉
    • Zhu Yin (朱茵) as Li Chun Hua 李春华 (Luo Li's mother)
    • Qin Yan as Luo Wei 罗伟 (Luo Li's father)
    • Alex Fong as Wu Wen Hui 吴文辉
    • Liu Huan (刘欢) as Cao Qian Kun 曹乾坤
    • Zhu Gang Ri Yao (朱刚日尧) as Yue Qun 岳群
    • Tie Niu (铁牛) as Da Tou 大头
    Chi Hai Dong's clients
    • Wang Jing Chun (王景春) as Zheng Tian Ya 郑天涯
    • Wu Jiao Jiao (吴浇浇) as Wu Yi 吴依 (Zheng Tian Ya's girlfriend)
    • Zhao Liang as Dong Da Hai 董大海
    • Yu Yong Lin (于咏琳) as Luo Mei Yuan 罗美媛 (Dong Da Hai's girlfriend)
    • Feng Bo (冯波) as Tian Xiang Mei 田香梅
    • Meng Li (孟丽) as Wen Jing 文静
    Luo Li's clients
    • Mai Hong Mei (买红妹) as Xia Fang Cao 夏芳草
    • Chu Shuan Zhong (褚栓忠) as Gu Wei 顾伟 (Xia Fang Cao's boyfriend)
    • Yue Hong (岳红) as Miao Jin Xiu 苗锦绣
    • Zhai Tian Lin as Meng Xian 孟县
    • Li Chen as Lu Chen

    Production Credits

    • Producer: Lu Chao 吕超
    • Director: Yang Wen Jun 杨文军
    • Screenwriter: Chen Tong 陈彤

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