Die Bian   (Chinese Drama)

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    • Title: 蝶变 / Die Bian
    • Also known as: Changing Butterfly / The Butterfly Murders
    • Genre: Drama, suspense, mystery
    • Episodes: 20
    • Broadcast year: 2008


    Lu Ming, the chief editor of Qingzhou Daily News, dies unexpectedly on the way to the provincial capital. His assistant, reporter Ling Jun Jun, discovers a mysterious CD while cleaning out his special documents. Its contents lead Jun Jun to doubt the accuracy of Lu Ming's unremarkable autopsy report and she decides to uncover the truth. When Jun Jun's co-worker Xiao Tian also dies in an accident, Police Captain Lu Xi Bei suspects that this may be the work of a serial killer. The clues Lu Ming left behind lead Jun Jun's investigation to big city hotshot CEO Yang Chao...


    • Huang Hai Bing as Yang Chao
    • Xu Jun as Ling Jun Jun
    • Yan Shi Kui (颜世魁) as Police Captain Lu Xi Bei
    • Tan Yang as Li Wei
    • Tang Jing (唐静) as Xu Yue Qin
    • Zhang Ya Xin (张雅欣) as Xia Yu Wei
    • Liu Hong Yu (刘红雨) as Qiao Xiao Guang
    • Tao Hui (陶慧) as He Yang
    • Liu Guan Jun (刘冠军) as Lu Ming

    Production Credits

    • Original writing: Novel Die Bian by Sun Li Meng (孙丽萌)
    • Screenwriters: Lv Hong (吕红), Sun Zhuo (孙卓)
    • Chief producers: Zhao Shun Liang (赵顺亮), Zhao Shu Zhu (赵顺祝)
    • Producer: Zhao Yun Sheng (赵云声), Zhao Shun Liang (赵顺亮), Wang Han Ping (王汉平)
    • Production manager: Wang Jia Jiang (汪家江)
    • Director: Liu Jia Cheng (刘家成)
    • Music: Shi Nuo (师诺), Yang Rui (杨锐)

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