Deep in the Realm of Conscience   (Hong Kong Drama)

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    • Title: 深宮計 / 深宫计
    • Cantonese/Mandarin title: Sum Gong Gai / Shen Gong Ji
    • English title: Deep in the Realm of Conscience
    • Genre: Period, romance
    • Broadcast network: TVB
    • Broadcast period: 2017
    • Related TV shows: Beyond the Realm of Conscience, Can't Buy Me Love


    After Prince Ping (Steven Ma) stops the usurp schemes of Empress Wei (Michelle Yim), his father ascends the throne as Emperor Ruizong, and Prince Ping becomes Crown Prince. Eventually, Emperor Ruizong abdicates the throne and the Crown Prince rises to the throne as Emperor Xuanzong. Even though the schemes of Empress Wei are over, the women around Xuanzong begin their schemes for power in the palace.


    • Nancy Wu as Empress Wang, Wife of Emperor Xuanzong
    • Annie Liu as Yuen Yuet, a maid in the Imperial Household Bureau
    • Steven Ma as Emperor Xuanzong
    • Kenneth Ma as Yan Samsi
    • Edwin Siu as Ho Nan
    • Alice Chan as Princess Taiping, Aunt of Emperor Xuanzong
    • Susan Tse as Imperial Household Bureau Chief
    • Akina Hong as Imperial Household Bureau Maid
    • Chrissie Chau as Imperial Consort of Emperor Xuanzong, Niece of Princess Taiping
    • Jacqueline Wong as Imperial Household Bureau Maid
    • Rosanne Lui as consort of Emperor Ruizong, Xuanzong's mother
    • Mary Hon as consort of Emperor Ruizong
    • Michelle Yim as Empress Wei, wife of Emperor Zhongzong



    • The Jyutping title of Deep in the Realm of Conscience (Sum Gong Gai) is a rearranged title of Beyond the Realm of Conscience (Gong Sum Gai).
    • This is the first time Annie Liu participated in a TVB production.

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