Dali Princess   (Chinese Drama)

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    • Title: 大理公主 / Da Li Gong Zhu
    • English title: Dali Princess
    • Genre: Romance, drama
    • Episodes: 30
    • Broadcast network: CCTV
    • Broadcast period: 2006-Dec start
    • Opening theme song: Xiao He Tang Shui (小河淌水)
    • Ending theme song: Ai De Yan Lei (爱的眼泪) Tears of Love by Liu Tao


    On the eve of the 1911 Revolution, a troubled time period, Nan Shan Estate owner Duan Mu Hai is making preparations for the fireworks festival. Mu Hai is very wealthy. With the help of the Qing government looting people's wealth, his family lives extravagantly. Mu Hai's favorite offspring is his youngest daughter, Ai Yue, who is intelligent and kind. She is very understanding towards others, but is also very clear on the boundaries of love and hate. Ai Yue is not like other family members who always order people around and shout at the servants. However, enmity develops between Ai Yue and servant girl A Xi due to a small misunderstanding. A Xi is a silly girl. No matter the time of day, she likes to dance, sing, and have fun. Her carefree attitude influences Ai Yue, who soon becomes as mischievous as A Xi. At the fireworks festival there are two handsome and bright young fellows named Liu Bo En and Long Chu Lai. The four young people meet and hit it off very quickly.

    Ai Yue gradually falls for Bo En, but she's too proud and unwilling to reveal her feelings. Because of her reluctance, A Xi, who is also in love with Bo En, gets the opportunity to be with him. Long Chu Lai admires Ai Yue, but hides his love for her because of his insecurity over his looks.


    • Xu Seng (徐僧) as Long Chu Lai
    • Wang Ban as Liu Bo En
    • Fan Zhi Qi as Duan Mu Hai
    • Jin Shun Zi (金顺子) as Zhao Bao Zhu
    • Gao Bao Bao as Yan Cha Hua
    • Zhou Shi Yi (周世谊) as Duan Zhuo Ren
    • Jia Heng Li (贾恒利) as Duan Zhuo Yi
    • Liu Chang (刘畅) as Duan Zhuo Li
    • Zhong Wei Hua (钟伟华) as Zhao Quan
    • Song Qian (宋茜) as Ya Po
    • Cao Yan as Lai Xi


    • Film locations: Dali, Yunnan

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