Da Tang You Xia Zhuan   (Chinese Drama)

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    • Title: 大唐游侠传 / Da Tang You Xia Zhuan
    • English title: Paladins in Troubled Times
    • Also known as: Wandering Tang Dynasty Swordsman / Legend of the Great Tang Dynasty Hero
    • Genre: Wuxia
    • Episodes: 31
    • Broadcast network: CCTV-8
    • Broadcast period: 2008-Jul-24 to 2008-Aug-03
    • Air time: 19:30-21:12
    • Theme song: Zhen Ai (真爱) True Love by Bo Wen (柏文)


    The leader of Flying Tiger Mountain sect, Dou Ling Kan, and his godson, Tie Mo Le, just happen to be passing through a small town and by its most popular hangout when a ruckus inside catches their attention. It turns out that the entire place has been bought out by Wang Long Ke, an underling of An Lu Shan. Wang Long Ke's motive is to steal a secret letter from Guo Zi Yi meant for Emperor Xuan Zong indicating that An Lu Shan is planning to rebel against the Tang dynasty. Tie Mo Le has always wanted to avenge his parents' death at the hands of An Lu Shan many years ago and realizes that his chance may have finally arrived.


    Production Credits

    • Original writing: Novel Da Tang You Xia Zhuan by Liang Yu Sheng
    • Screenwriters: Liu Yi (刘毅), Mo Mo (莫漠)
    • Chief producer: Zhang Ji Zhong
    • Producers: Pu Shu Lin, Liu Ya Wen (刘亚文), Fan Xing Chao
    • Production manager: Song Ya Ping (宋亚平)
    • Chief director: Zhao Jian
    • Directors: Huang Ke Min (黄克敏), Lin Feng (林峰)
    • Action director: Sun Meng Fei
    • Music: Wu Shao Xiong (吴少雄)

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