Da Ming Yi Sheng Li Shi Zhen   (Chinese Drama)

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    • Title: 大明医圣李时珍 / Da Ming Yi Sheng Li Shi Zhen
    • Also known as: Divine Ming Dynasty Physician Li Shi Zhen
    • Genre: Historical drama
    • Episodes: 46
    • Broadcast period: 2009


    A drama about the life of Li Shi Zhen, a prominent doctor, pharmacologist, and naturalist who lived during the Ming dynasty. His most famous work is Bencao Gangmu, a compilation of knowledge about the therapeutic properties of substances used in medicinal healing.


    • Huang Hai Bing as Li Shi Zhen
    • Deric Wan as Emperor Jia Jing
    • Hu Ke as Wu Si Yu (Li Shi Zhen's wife)
    • Guo Kai Min (郭凯敏) as Li Yan Wen (Li Shi Zhen's father)
    • Shen Dan Ping (沈丹萍) as Empress Dowager Jiang
    • Wan Si Wei (万思维) as Li Xing Yi
    • Cui Bo as Zhu Chang Ting
    • Guo Wei Hua (郭伟华) as Xu Chang Ming
    • Wang Yu as Zhu Cheng Yi
    • Tan Hao (谭皓) as Huang Yi Feng
    • Ma Wen Long as King Yu

    Production Credits

    • Screenwriter: Wang Chao Yong (汪潮涌), Huang Juan (黄娟), Zhou Ke Jia (周柯伽), Zhang Shao Jun (张少军)
    • Producer: Zheng Ke Hong (郑克洪), Wang Chao Yong (汪潮涌), Wen Cheng Guo (文成国)
    • Chief director: Zheng Ke Hong (郑克洪)
    • Director: Zhang Shao Jun (张少军), Huang Wen Yun (黄文云)

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